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NASA appreciates the efforts of Congress to resolve restrictions placed on our partnership with Russia. Congress' action helps to ensure the continuous presence of U.S. astronauts on the International Space Station. (Quote by - Michael Griffin)

At least one chamber of Congress has finally made a statement that it is not acceptable to hurt or kill transgender people because of who we are. This is a pivotal vote for transgender people who have been working diligently for years to educate Congress about transgender people and our lives. (Quote by - Mara Keisling)

The Republicans I've been talking to have said, 'Oh, the public is cynical about indictments, they happen so often.' Well, that's whistling past the graveyard, because the average voter is only going to remember that one of the big Republican head honchos in Congress was indicted. They won't remember the name or position, but they'll remember it says Congress is corrupt and maybe the majority party is corrupt. (Quote by - Larry Sabato)

Not withstanding our differences, Mrs. Albright is a lady who understands Congress, she understands the important role that Congress must play in developing U.S. foreign policy. However, my support for the nominee should in no way be misconstrued as an endorsement of the [Clinton] administration's conduct of foreign policy. (Quote by - Jesse Helms)

Funding for the major recommendations will go to Congress in the Defense budget on Monday and Congress will have its say on them. (Quote by - Steve Kosiak)

We have been working to repeal this law for the past eight years. We are lobbying Congress, but Congress has not been that responsive to student demands. We [will] take it to court and get rid of the law that way. (Quote by - Tom Angell)

This proposal will have little impact on the deficit, .. If Congress is serious, we should put together a deficit reduction package that freezes COLAs government-wide, including Congress. (Quote by - Kit Bond)

Members of Congress do this; staff members of Congress do it; it is their responsibility to do so. (Quote by - Don Fowler)

Don't try to go too fast. Learn your job. Don't ever talk until you know what you're talking about.... If you want to get along, go along. (Quote by - Sam Rayburn)

As the Baby Boomers get older, they're going where it's warmer. It's not a matter of if (Minnesota loses a seat in Congress), it's a matter of when. It would be nice to dodge the bullet one more time, but eventually we're going to lose a seat in Congress. (Quote by - Dean Barkley)

The Supreme Court's basic take is that when Congress has said something specific, the president's authority to take action beyond that is at its lowest ebb. This would seem to be right up against that wall. Congress has acted. The president seems to be circumventing it. And that raises an enormous constitutional question. (Quote by - Deborah Pearlstein)

We will spend less money next year than we did two years ago -- not very much less, .. The administration, having lowered the bar, got more of what it wanted out of Congress. At the end, the administration was holding the whip hand because it was Congress that wanted to go home. (Quote by - Carol Cox)

It's a very volatile and unstable debate. There are a variety of voices all calling for action. And it's looking increasingly likely that Congress will address it but the what Congress does is far from certain. (Quote by - Frank Sharry)

It's not a priority for the government right now. You don't see the Congress or the president talking about public safety is number one, as we think it should be, and a lot of the things we need to do really to prevent another 9/11 just simply aren't being done by the president or by the Congress. (Quote by - Thomas Kean)

There are some members who would honestly feel that Congress should be running the student loan program, and others think Congress should take advantage of the private sector. (Quote by - Kevin Bruns)

Now Congress has always exercised the power of the purse with respect to activities of that sort and regulated the funding for that type of activity. And that's, of course, always been the core of Congress' authority. (Quote by - John Roberts)

Members of Congress are irate about the Court's denigrating and, really, disrespectful statements about Congress' competence, .. method of reasoning. (Quote by - Arlen Specter)

Bureaucracy has murdered people in the greater New Orleans area. And bureaucracy needs to stand trial before Congress today. So I'm asking Congress, please investigate this now. Take whatever idiot they have at the top of whatever agency and give me a better idiot. Give me a caring idiot. Give me a sensitive idiot. Just don't give me the same idiot. (Quote by - Aaron Broussard)

The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision rejected Congress' findings and its method of reasoning, .. Is there any real justification for the court's denigrating Congress' 'method of reasoning'?. (Quote by - Arlen Specter)

We're continuing to work closely with Congress. We recognize that some members have concerns. The lines of communication are open. There are a lot of conversations going on between the company and Congress and the administration. (Quote by - Scott McClellan)

Saddam Hussein has invited members from the U.S. Congress to visit Iraq. Man how stupid is Hussein? If you think Bush had incentive to bomb Iraq before, imagine if Congress was over there. (Quote by - Jay Leno)

I cannot commit this Congress and future Congresses to a program that is undefined. (Quote by - John Walsh)

I've been astounded by Bush in his relationship with Republicans in Congress. In my lifetime, there has been no Republican president who has spent as much effort and as much time electing people of his own party to the Congress, or less time talking to them after they got there. (Quote by - David Keene)

Congress must not withhold incentives to rebuild from any employer that provides good jobs and tax revenue, if we want to revive the economy of this region, .. Contrary to the biased view of some, the gaming industry must be treated as fairly and equally as any other business when Congress develops legislation to help the Gulf Coast region rebuild. (Quote by - Shelley Berkley)

For better or for worse, Congress reacts to the behavior of people. While Congress has been willing to listen to our group, representing parents, students continue to go to college in record numbers and parents, despite some grousing, continue to pay. (Quote by - Jim Boyle)

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