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Should Congress grant video providers the extraordinary regulatory relief represented by national broadband video franchises -- turning nearly 40 years of local control of video services on its head -- Congress must also ensure net neutrality. Such a policy would ensure that those same companies make their broadband networks available to all applications, content and service providers on a nondiscriminatory basis. (Quote by - Gigi Sohn)

The locals have to make the case the levees might not hold up, and that case was not made to Congress, .. Congress is not going to give money that is not justified. (Quote by - Orrin Hatch)

The country and the Congress were misled into war. I regret that we were not given the truth; as I said more than a year ago, knowing what we know now, I would not have gone to war in Iraq. And knowing now the full measure of the Bush Administratio s duplicity and incompetence, I doubt there are many members of Congress who would give them the authority they abused so badly. I know I would not. (Quote by - Senator John Kerry)

You can't use tact with a Congressman! A Congressman is a hog! You must take a stick and hit him on the snout!(Quote by - Henry Brooks Adams)

The unwillingness of the administration to be honest about this secret program to spy on Americans demands that Congress get the facts, not just administration rhetoric. The truth can be determined without compromising national security. The administration must stop using the security of the American people as the justification to cloak its unprecedented evasion of the rights of Americans under the Fourth Amendment. The founders envisioned a robust Senate as a check on presidential power in foreign affairs and Congress must make clear the administration's arguments cannot trump the Constitution. (Quote by - Lisa Graves)

I can assure you that if any of these meetings are set up, we hope the members of Congress will show up. There's often an issue where people go up to the Hill to brief, and very few members of Congress even show up. (Quote by - Ari Fleischer)

A republican stands up in congress and says 'I GOT A REALLY BAD IDEA!!' and the democrat stands up after him and says 'AND I CAN MAKE IT SHITTIER!!'(Quote by - Lewis Black)

No man, however strong, can serve ten years as schoolmaster, priest, or Senator, and remain fit for anything else. (Quote by - Henry Brooks Adams)

It is the utmost necessity that this congress be a congress of unity. (Quote by - Slobodan Milosevic)

From the president's point-of-view, it simply remains too important an issue for Congress not to get the job done and complete. The president believes that there are too many in America who are unemployed, and too many people who risk being unemployed if Congress doesn't take action. (Quote by - Ari Fleischer)

Let me be clear, the Congress will be writing the next farm bill in 2007, and I am deeply concerned the administration is using the current negotiations to reshape farm policy without the full input of Congress and grassroots support. (Quote by - Mike Johanns)

We go now to the Congress in 45-50 days and then it will be by decision of the Congress .. To give FIFA the authority to intervene in case of non-application. (Quote by - Sepp Blatter)

On Capitol Hill Congress runs by an internal clock: Legislative days are not counted the way calendar days are, and the seasons are marked not by the earth's orbit but by whether Congress is in session or out. (Quote by - Richard Corrigan)

The president remains very concerned about the potential for a jobless recovery. And this is why he calls on Congress to act as quickly as Congress can to pass a job-creating initiative that stimulates the economy and provides greater growth not only for this year, but into the future. (Quote by - Ari Fleischer)

This is something that we've briefed members of Congress on over the course of the last several years. We will continue to brief members of Congress about this vital program. (Quote by - Scott McClellan)

It's the increasingly partisan rancor that characterizes the Congress. The very partisan Republican orientation of the House is not very well received. The public wants compromises to be reached and they generally don't see many of those things taking place in Congress these days. (Quote by - Mark DiCamillo)

In Congress, this one clearly crosses party lines. The bottom line is this will not come out of Congress the way it came in. (Quote by - Daryl Kimball)

When a member of Congress comes to a (forum), they don?t come .just to listen. You give members of Congress the ability to be heard. (Quote by - John Grasser)

The congress's tasks are to review the implementation of the resolutions of the 9th party congress and decide orientations and missions for developing the country in the coming time. (Quote by - Nong Duc Manh)

The writing is on the wall and it is now clear that the Congress is on its way out. (Party president) Sonia Gandhi's charisma could not prevent the Congress from getting drowned. (Quote by - Syed Shahnawaz Hussain)

If you begin to look at the full ramifications of this, we are talking about billions and billions of dollars. Congress simply passed an unfunded mandate. Every motorist in America is going to pay the price of this, of the Congress' failure to do a serious exploration of the cost, the complexity, of the difficulty. (Quote by - Barry Steinhardt)

Congress usually puts aside every budget from the President and will write their own. We will be working with our Congressional delegation as Congress writes their budget, so farmers shouldn't get too worked up until we get to the budget writing committees. This is the first step in a long process. (Quote by - Bill Bruins)

Congress, the press, and the bureaucracy too often focus on how much money or effort is spent, rather than whether the money or effort actually achieves the announced goal. (Quote by - Donald Rumsfeld)

Fleas can be taught nearly anything that a Congressman can. (Quote by - S. L. Clemens)

Heath Shuler didn't only play football in Tennessee. He used his name to start a business in Tennessee. Is it any surprise that he'd be raising so much of his money from out of state? Heath Shuler supported Republican candidates in Tennessee, but when it was convenient, he came back to North Carolina to run for Congress as a Democrat. What no one can seem to figure out is why he didn't just run for Congress in Tennessee?. (Quote by - Jonathan Collegio)

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