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The office where I serve has achieved a superb record in courts .. We go to court and not on the talk show circuit. And our records show that there is a bright line between law and politics, between courts and polls. It leaves the polls to the politicians and the spin doctors. We are officers of the court who live in the world of law. We have presented our cases in court and, with very rare exception, we have won. (Quote by - Ken Starr)

In my view, the Supreme Court would benefit from the addition of a justice who has real experience as a practicing lawyer. The current justices have all been chosen from the lower federal courts. A nominee with relevant non-judicial experience would bring a different and useful perspective to the Court. (Quote by - George Bush)

A written agreement will guarantee that the prosecutor will ask the court to give credit, give a discount, reduce the sentence because of the cooperation. For the first time that will be enforceable in this sense: that if the person promises to cooperate and the court sentences on that basis and they don't cooperate, you can go back to court and get the sentence reviewed. (Quote by - Lord Goldsmith)

Any time getting on a grass court is going to be pretty fast, especially a lot faster than the hard courts we've been hitting on. It's just going to be a matter of time getting used to it. I feel comfortable on it. It's not a huge adjustment from the hard courts. It's still quicker. You have to change your game a little more, the movement's different. (Quote by - James Blake)

When we went down there that, as a U.S. basketball player, you're kind of like a rock star off the court, but the minute you step on the court you are the most hated opponent that there is. Everybody measures their progress in international basketball by how they do against the U.S. That's a constant pressure every time you step onto the court. (Quote by - Mike Thibault)

An important function of the Supreme Court is to provide guidance, .. As a lower court judge, I appreciate clear guidance from the Supreme Court. (Quote by - John Roberts)

I liked it when they were pressing us full court. We broke through that. But in our half-court set we were very impatient. There was a five-minute period there where we took no good shots. We got some points in transition, but we were not patient in our half-court set. (Quote by - Dan Parr)

The matter before the court was whether Microsoft could be held in contempt for violating a consent decree entered in 1995. The court denied the Justice Department's petition for contempt; the case should have ended there. But on its own initiative, the court proceeded to treat the matter as a tying case and, without giving Microsoft notice or an opportunity to defend itself, issued a preliminary injunction. (Quote by - William Neukom)

I'm extremely disappointed in the decision, .. I thought that the Supreme Court had a historic opportunity to really describe to the American people what a conservative court, non-activist court, if that is what they propose themselves to be, is by allowing the state laws to stand. (Quote by - Sheila Jackson Lee)

If the property owner has complied no further action is taken. But if the problem hasn't been taken care of then there will be a visit by the enforcement official and a uniformed police officer who will issue a citation and set a court date or hearing. The court, in this case Municipal Court Judge Rusty Turner, will preside at the hearing and may levy fines or set conditions for compliance as set out in the applicable ordinance. (Quote by - Rick Fulmer)

In the DIOCESE OF LOS ANGELES, Bishop J. Jon Bruno lost the first round in a property fight with St. James, Newport Beach, but he is fighting back with all guns blazing. He disputes the notion of free speech and says it is simply a matter of who owns the property, which he, of course, maintains that he does. One VirtueOnline reader observed that Bruno's caterwauling about losing in court did not cite any grounds for appeal -- only the opinion that the ruling was in error. .. Nine times out of 10 when you lose in the circuit court -- you've lost. Generally, appeals courts don't overturn the rulings of lower courts. That's why appeals that triumph are such big news. (Quote by - Frank Griswold)

None of us who participated in drafting Section 215 thought it would become so controversial, given that we retained FISA court procedures. Originally the FBI wanted administrative subpoenas so they would not have to go to court to get third-party records, so they could bypass courts and prosecutors. Section 215 was a disappointment for the FBI. (Quote by - Beryl Howell)

Specter's most surprising move in preparing for the hearing came on Aug. 8, when he used a letter to Roberts to assail the current Supreme Court on matters in which the nominee had no hand. Members of Congress are irate about the Court's denigrating and, really, disrespectful statement's about Congress's competence, .. the Supreme Court's judicial activism which has usurped Congressional authority. (Quote by - Arlen Specter)

Furthermore he made the court of the priests, and the great court, and doors for the court, and overlaid the doors of them with brass. (Quote by - Bible)

We love to change our defenses a lot. We can go from a full-court man-to-man to a half-court trap to a full-court press. And everyone knows every spot, and we don't have set positions ? wherever you're at is your spot on that play. (Quote by - Andrea Blodgett)

I would think at this point that everyone in the legislature would want to stand up and say that we abide by the notion that courts decide questions of constitutional law. And I note from the resolution that they are not in any way arguing that they should disobey the court. But I think at this point we need to sit back and let the courts decide the case. (Quote by - Ken Falk)

Throughout his years on the nation's high court, Chief Justice Rehnquist stood as a beacon of judicial restraint and reverence for the Constitution and the institution of the Supreme Court. I believe Judge Roberts will follow the lead of his mentor, and guide our nation's highest court by those same principles and devotion to the rule of law for all,. (Quote by - John Cornyn)

I am afraid the commission's decision paves the way to mass rigging. We are used to ministers or ministries ignoring court verdicts, but for the head of the Constitutional Court and judges to disrespect court rulings is very serious and unprecedented. (Quote by - Nasser Amin)

Senator, my answer is that the independence and integrity of the Supreme Court requires that nominees before this committee for a position on that court not forecast, give predictions, give hints, about how they might rule in cases that might come before the Supreme Court,. (Quote by - John Roberts)

We were doing a half-court press. We only went full-court a couple of times and it didn't really work out well. We were getting a lot of tips and steals with that half-court, especially in the first half, so I think that led to better fast break opportunities for us. (Quote by - Ryan Hill)

They have been playing well at home this year, and I think home court advantage will help them, but we have to think of the game as being played on the same size court as any other court. But I know that players definitely are more comfortable on their own court. (Quote by - Dave Calloway)

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