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And a breastplate made of daisies, Closely fitting, leaf on leaf, Periwinkles interlaced Drawn for belt about the waist; While the brown bees, humming praises, Shot their arrows round the chief.(Quote by - Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

Spring has come when you can put your foot on three daisies (Quote by - Proverb)

There is a flower, a little flower With silver crest and golden eye, That welcomes every changing hour, And weathers every sky.(Quote by - James Montgomery)

Of all the floures in the mede, Than love I most these floures white and rede, Soch that men callen daisies in our toun. (Quote by - Geoffrey Chaucer)

You may wear your virtues as a crown, As you walk through life serenely, And grace your simple rustic gown With a beauty more than queenly. Though only one for you shall care, One only speak your praises; And you never wear in your shining hair, A richer flower than daisies.(Quote by - Phoebe Cary)

Over the shoulders and slopes of the dune I saw the white daisies go down to the sea, A host in the sunshine, an army in June, The people God sends us to set our heart free.(Quote by - William Bliss Carman)

You don't get here by making excuses. I'm not exactly fresh as a daisy, but it's not like I've pitched 1,000 innings. (Quote by - Jonathan Papelbon)

That men by reason will it calle may The daisie or elles the eye of day The emperice, and floure of floures alle.(Quote by - Geoffrey Chaucer)

This troop has been together since they were Daisies. We do a lot of community service with the Valley Parish Nurse Program. (Quote by - Cathi Kellett)

That of all the floures in the mede, Thanne love I most these floures white and rede, Suche as men callen daysyes in her toune.(Quote by - Geoffrey Chaucer)

I made sure no butt cheek hung out, ... You know, the original Daisy, Catherine Bach's shorts were shorter than mine. (Quote by - Jessica Simpson)

Even thou who mournst the daisy's fate, That fate is thine--no distant date; Stern Ruin's ploughshare drives, elate, Full on thy bloom, Till crushed beneath the furrow's weight Shall be thy doom!(Quote by - Robert Burns)

Jessica's Daisy Dukes are even shorter than Catherine Bach's, which I honestly didn't think was possible. (Quote by - Jay Chandrasekhar)

Stars are the daisies that begem The blue fields of the sky, Beheld by all, and everywhere, Bright prototypes on high.(Quote by - David Macbeth Moir)

You have to decide if you're going to wilt like a daisy or if you're just going to go forward and live the life that you've been granted. (Quote by - Kevin Costner)

Not worlds on worlds, in phalanx deep, Need we to prove a God is here; The daisy, fresh from nature's sleep, Tells of His hand in lines as clear.(Quote by - John Mason Good)

Thou unassuming Commonplace Of Nature.(Quote by - William Wordsworth)

Yun daisyd mantels ys the mountayne dyghte.(Quote by - Thomas Chatterton)

She showed up in Daisy Dukes, (Quote by - Jay Chandrasekhar)

And daisy-stars, whose firmament is green.(Quote by - Thomas Hood)

When Mount St. Helens erupted, we were still using the daisy chain. It completely broke down; it was less than useless. (Quote by - Mark Allen)

Daisies infinite Uplift in praise their little growing hands, O'er every hill that under heaven expands. (Quote by - Ebenezer Elliott)

All summer she scattered the daisy leaves; They only mocked her as they fell. She said: "The daisy but deceives; 'He loves me not,' 'he loves me will,' One story no two daisies tell." Ah foolish heart, which waits and grieves Under the daisy's mocking spell.(Quote by - Helen Hunt Jackson (Quote by - Helen Hunt))

Stoop where thou wilt, thy careless hand Some random bud will meet; Thou canst not tread, but thou wilt find The daisy at thy feet.(Quote by - Thomas Hood)

Daisies smell-less, yet most quaint, / And sweet thyme true, / Primrose, first born child of Ver, / Merry Spring-time's harbinger. (Quote by - Francis Beaumont)

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