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Revenge has no more quenching effect on emotions than salt water has on thirst. (Quote by - Walter Weckler)

Surrealism had a great effect on me because then I realised that the imagery in my mind wasn't insanity. Surrealism to me is reality. (Quote by - John Lennon)

The flute is not an instrument that has a good moral effect; it is too exciting. (Quote by - Aristotle)

This Scarlet Letter approach was very effective in deterring similar thefts. (Quote by - Andrew Jaquith)

I think it would be safe to say that if that ends up being a more cost-effective way of deploying our on-demand applications, we'll pursue it. (Quote by - Bruce Cleveland)

Molson Coors' third-quarter results were driven primarily by a very favorable effective tax rate of 6.4 percent. Consolidated volume was basically flat and net sales were up 0.3 percent. (Quote by - Bonnie Herzog)

What is the strategic vision for JLT going forward? What they're effectively saying is that 2006 isn't going to be a turning point in terms of profitability, so perhaps they should forget about 2006 and get the business and the strategy right going forward. (Quote by - Charles Coyne)

Cinema is still a very young art form with extraordinary techniques and very impressive special effects but sometimes it seems the soul has been taken out of things. (Quote by - Catherine Deneuve)

Now he's being given the opportunity to buy back effective control (of Virgin) at 1.40 aud (a share), so it is an extraordinarily wonderful situation for him. I hope he hasn't danced on my grave prematurely. (Quote by - Chris Corrigan)

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily. (Quote by - Zig Ziglar)

Flying off the handle sometimes causes hammers and humans to lose their heads, as well as their effectiveness. (Quote by - William Arthur Ward)

Killing native wildlife is not an effective or ethically defensible response to urban wildlife conflicts. It is high time state and municipal governments put the resources into humane, long-lasting solutions. We are confident this comprehensive program will provide a model for other communities across the country. (Quote by - Camilla Fox)

I'll write, because I'll give - You critics means to live; For should I not supply - The cause, the effect would die. (Quote by - Robert Herrick)

That was the big effect Lord of the Rings had on me. It was discovering New Zealand. And even more precious were the people- not at all like the Australians. (Quote by - Ian Mckellen)

As I see it, the most effective way to do this is frankly to accept these historical tales for what they are now known to be - folklore - and treat them in such a fashion that the realistic-minded, sophisticated people of our generation accept them.. I sincerely hope that this painting will help reawaken interest in the cherry tree tale and other bits of American folklore that are too good to lose. (Quote by - Grant Wood)

To consider persons and events and situations only in the light of their effect upon myself is to live on the doorstep of hell. (Quote by - Thomas Merton)

certainly not going to have any effect on the inquiry of impeachment. (Quote by - Bob Barr)

We based these charges on expected trends for the rate increase effective this month. We are all seeing increases in our electricity bills; it was difficult to predict this increase in energy costs. (Quote by - Becky Coffey)

The disposition effect plays a very important role in explaining this stock momentum. (Quote by - Bing Han)

We haven?t seen this yet, but the regional effect will be greater. (Quote by - Cameron Wake)

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