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By working more co-operatively together, we believe we can mount a more effective response and do an even better job of disrupting and dismantling these gangs. (Quote by - Bill Blair)

They learned that when they organize in the region, it is a lot better and more effective to use locals to do their job. But they have to be trained, and they have to be indoctrinated enough so that they themselves believe in the cause just like the originals did. (Quote by - Andrea Domingo)

The effect of dust on cloud properties is to inhibit precipitation. (Quote by - Daniel Rosenfeld)

The chief executive who knows his strengths and weaknesses as a leader is likely to be far more effective than the one who remains blind to them. He also is on the road to humility -- that priceless attitude of openness to life that can help a manager absorb mistakes, failures, or personal shortcomings. (Quote by - John Adair)

The women's movement is taking a different form right now, and it is because it has been so effective and so successful that there's a huge counter movement to try to stop it, to try to divide women from one another, to try to almost foment divisiveness. (Quote by - Carol Gilligan)

You can't assume a cause and effect. In districts that are struggling, this seems to be something that does have promise. (Quote by - Cathy Seeley)

It's a practice we put into effect last year as a result of parents asking us to. (Quote by - Charles Steinberg)

Ultimately, they want a stable, a more effective relationship with their child. A lot of fathers don't know how to have that. (Quote by - Charles Turner)

I am very impressed with the rapid, transparent and effective response that has been put in place here in Van and in Turkey more broadly. (Quote by - Ann Derse)

We expect the challenges we faced in the second quarter to continue, exacerbated by slowing volumes from the growing effects of the General Motors strike and the Asian financial crisis. (Quote by - Charles Holliday)

This is what has conservation biologists worried. It's the combined effects of climate change pushing things to want to shift around the globe, and human habitat destruction .. preventing that movement. (Quote by - Camille Parmesan)

We were already, in effect, under funded because the demand for services exceeded our capacity. (Quote by - Bob Plaissance)

This creates a ripple effect for small-business owners, .. There are fewer payments. There is less paperwork. There are fewer chances for mistakes. And it frees up valuable resources for small businesses and the IRS. (Quote by - Charles Rossotti)

The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective. (Quote by - Warren Buffett)

Motivated by a hundred thousand yuan they could save on the tax before the new rule takes effect, those luxury car buyers who are eager to get a license to drive, largely raise their bidding price, which resulted in the new highest price. (Quote by - Yao Bin)

This has been the single most effective theft deterrent system installed in vehicles. (Quote by - Charles Territo)

The war in Iraq has no bearing on what we do, .. I haven't seen any effect on recruiting. I haven't seen any less, haven't seen any more. (Quote by - Charlie Johnson)

Our deficiency as 3-point shooters showed up, badly. When that happens, there is a domino effect. Once we quit making our shots from the perimeter, they stop defending us. Then our No. 1 threat, which is Ian, just gets locked down. Ian did not get a shot at the basket. (Quote by - Brad Soderberg)

The secretary is making no statements of any kind about Thoroughbred. Because she will be sitting, in effect, as a judge in this case, she is not discussing it with others. Nor is she reading the expressions of opinion that several people have sent to the cabinet since release of the hearing officer's recommendation. But it is her intention to make an objective ruling. (Quote by - Chuck Wolfe)

There was a vacuum in investigation, and the press began to try men in the most effective court in the country. (Quote by - Daniel Schorr)

But if this continues (fuel prices keep rising), you might start to see that effect. (Quote by - Anthony Curtis)

At this point there's nothing to that effect, no. (Quote by - Arthur Fogel)

He is the most effective, not when he's scoring, but when he gets other people involved. He demands a double-team every night. He did a great job of reading the situation and either going to the rim or passing it off. He's a superstar. (Quote by - Caron Butler)

I look forward to being effective, .. You can have a great job, but what's the point if you aren't effective?. (Quote by - Albert Morris)

I'm not sure any sanctions would have any effect. (Quote by - Bob Williams)

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