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If you have fewer jobs created and less of a boost to the economy overall, then that effect naturally filters out. (Quote by - Catherine Swift)

It's having more of an effect than I imagined it would at this stage. (Quote by - Bob Peterson)

It is much quicker. . . . It is a much more effective use of manpower. (Quote by - Bill Holmes)

Early in the game we got them in our pace, and our pressure was effective. (Quote by - Brady Wells)

There are three effects of attenuating private property rights that ultimately change individuals' perceptions in a drastic way. First, there is the loss of trust in the government to enforce the law, which dramatically affects foreign investors' views of the country. Second, the loss of property titles dramatically limits the amount of borrowing and entrepreneurial activity by disrupting the banking sector. Individuals no longer can offer banks their property as collateral for a loan. Third, there is the loss in the incentive to pass along entrepreneurial knowledge, and work initiatives are sharply stymied as well, since one's investment is not retained. (Quote by - Craig Richardson)

The Emmy will have no effect on me, from the standpoint that you've still got to wash your bowl after breakfast. (Quote by - Charles Keating)

This means that nothing, in effect, happens. (Quote by - Andrew Miller)

What we are looking for is a new way of being seen. The desired effect is a narcissistic gain, a boost to stimulate our self-image. This exterior vision of ourselves is reminiscent of the way we were first looked at by our parents. This is the base on which our personality is constructed. (Quote by - Catherine Joubert)

I think it may have weighed marginally on the dollar. I don't know if you're seeing any sustained effect on the currency. (Quote by - Bob Lynch)

We are committed to providing value to our clients by delivering effective solutions, superior service and sound advice. Simultaneously, we are deeply involved with our communities, reinvesting time, energy and money. These efforts translate into rapid growth and increasing profits in all the markets where we operate. (Quote by - Curt Hecker)

The fee, in effect, reimburses the funds for the costs short-term traders create. (Quote by - Bill Nygren)

We felt that in light of the devastating effects Hurricane Katrina had on the Gulf Coast just three weeks ago, it was in the best interest of our residents and staff to call for an evacuation to a more inland location. (Quote by - Charles Wilson)

The net effect of this bill would be to .. protect the guilty at the expense of injured Floridians. (Quote by - Alexander Clem)

Special effects that are computer-generated are really able to create all these worlds. (Quote by - Bruce Davison)

But I had dealt with visual effects challenges before, so I wasn't put off by something like that. (Quote by - Andrew Adamson)

Relative to the overall statewide timber harvest, the net addition is relatively small. There is an effect, but it's a small one and it can be easily mitigated. (Quote by - Bill Johnson)

Today, it's easier than ever to make home ownership a reality. Whether it's buying a home, renovating, or more effectively managing the debt associated with home ownership, our goal is to help each and every Canadian own the home of their dreams. (Quote by - Charles Lambert)

Leaving it to them would certainly be a big mistake until they're restructured and much more effective than they currently are. (Quote by - Allen Meltzer)

We'd have a list of charities, and say, 'These are the ones that effective. Which ones do you want to do?' This lets guys vote on where they want to put money, and we can put money in different areas, .. Guys want to see where the money's going to be used, not just that you're giving it to somebody and one half's going to overhead and one's half going someplace else. They want to know that it's being used and used right. (Quote by - Warrick Dunn)

I truly believe that winning the Caribbean title has a great effect on the World Classic because it will make us the favorites. If we also win the Classic there will be no doubt of who is the best team in the world. (Quote by - Carlos Guillen)

The United States has it's own propaganda, but it's very effective because people don't realize that it's propaganda. And it's subtle, but it's actually a much stronger propaganda machine than the Nazis had but it's funded in a different way. (Quote by - Crispin Glover)

They were abducted and they have testified to that effect. (Quote by - Arjunan Ethirveerasingam)

The higher profit is only the effect of a strong decline of the tax rate. (Quote by - Carlo Ponfoort)

I think we must be getting to a point now where price is going to have an effect on demand and that will alleviate the lack of a supply cushion. (Quote by - Andrew Gould)

We were thrilled to find this sort of effect and are very interested in investigating it further. (Quote by - Aubrey Gilbert)

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