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I've been unlucky with injuries and have had four knee operations but I've got one of the best strike rates ever for England (Quote by - Darren Gough)

This team [England] has some of the best players in England (Quote by - David Beckham)

England is unrivalled for two things - sport and politics. (Quote by - Benjamin Disraeli)

A huge mental barrier has finally been cleared. (Quote by - Ieuan Evans)

James Anderson has big match experience with England (Quote by - David Graveney)

All my mates had money on me to score the first goal. They are not big gamblers but I was 12-1 so they will be dancing tonight. (Quote by - Joe Cole)

It is to the middle-class we must look for the safety of England. (Quote by - William Makepeace Thackeray)

Pray God no professional may ever captain England. (Quote by - Lord Hawke)

Our defeat at the hands of England could turn out to be a major positive. (Quote by - Justin Langer)

Vaughan has been a wonderful leader, quietly inspirational and shrewd. To be the best, England must beat the Aussies in Australia, but let's rejoice in the moment (Quote by - Michael Parkinson)

In the last 48 hours, I have been advised by senior colleagues that those who have governance over me - the RFU management board - do not, and will not, continue to support me as England head coach. (Quote by - Andy Robinson)

England with all thy faults, I love thee still-- My country! and, while yet a nook is left Where English minds and manners may be found, Shall be constrained to love thee. (Quote by - William Cowper)

I've never been one to look too far ahead since I came back into the England side and I'm not going to change that view. (Quote by - Graham Thorpe)

Go anywhere in England where there are natural wholesome, contented and really nice English people; and what do you find? That the stables are the real centre of the household. (Quote by - George Bernard Shaw)

I didn't know he was dead; I thought he was British. (Quote by - Woody Allen)

India is the one area of the sub-continent where we haven't won since I have been involved with England (Quote by - Duncan Fletcher)

He shouldn't have been there two and a half years ago. He is not the right man for that job. (Quote by - Will Carling)

Everything in England is shut at 5pm, there is nothing to do, nowhere to go. I just got bored. (Quote by - Jose Antonio Reyes)

If the England selectors make the same mistakes Australia have, which is not to address the flaws when you're successful, then down the track you're going to have some problems (Quote by - Ian Chappell)

I think it's a healthy development and I think that what we are seeing taking place in terms of the progress of the Liberal Democrats right across the land - in Scotland, Wales and right through England - is something to celebrate. (Quote by - Charles Kennedy)

I wouldn't put it down as a mistake, it was just a piece of very bad luck. (Quote by - Pat Jennings)

Jeez, it's not even as cold as this in my fridge back at Brisbane. (Quote by - Jeff Thomson)

Finally he paid the debt of nature (The New Chronicles of England and France). (Quote by - Robert Fabyan)

Christianity is part of the laws of England. (Quote by - Sir Matthew Hale)

The Test cricket team is looking good but in one-dayers England are ordinary and not saying they want to win the World Cup (Quote by - Geoff Boycott)

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