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Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise King born of all England (Quote by - Sir Thomas Malory)

If Wales win on the opening weekend, they could win the title but the loss of Colin Charvis is a big blow. It may tip the balance to England. (Quote by - Jonathan Davies)

England! my country, great and free! Heart of the world, I leap to thee! (Quote by - Philip James Bailey)

It would be absolute folly to rule myself out of any job. (Quote by - Stuart Pearce)

It was a bit frustrating to end on 99 not out obviously, but Thorpey just took the run! (Quote by - Alex Tudor)

Hendrix was big in England. We all became good friends and I am still in touch with Noel Redding. (Quote by - Jimmy Carl Black)

People have asked me what I think about Shaun and whether it takes some of the focus off me and the answer is I'm delighted for him and want him to do well and stay in the England team for as long as possible. (Quote by - Bradley Wright-Phillips)

England is a paradise for women, and hell for horses: Italy is a paradise for horses, hell for women. (Quote by - Robert Burton)

I believe that the Union Flag should change now to reflect the four nations of the United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales (Quote by - Ian Lucas)

England always play under a huge amount of pressure. Australia are used to dealing with it and they just roll on. (Quote by - Stephen Fleming)

I love football, but I'm sick of the World Cup. I don't even care about England. (Quote by - Elton John)

For six years I have been proud to work with some outstanding people in the England team management and in the England squad. (Quote by - Andy Robinson)

A bomb under the west car park at Twickenham on an international day would end fascism in England for a generation. (Quote by - Philip Toynbee)

As a Scot Gordon Brown will find it hard to convince people in England he should be prime minister (Quote by - Boris Johnson)

The English may not like music, but they absolutely love the noise it makes. (Quote by - Thomas Beecham)

He is someone I respect [Beckham] as a man and as a player. He is the captain of England and has been a European champion. I have never been critical of him and reports implying that are incorrect as I've never made comments about him (Quote by - Jose Mourinho)

I've started playing for England in the one-dayers and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience against the Aussies last summer in both forms and it just makes you hungry to play more (Quote by - Simon Jones)

It's frightening how easy it is to commit murder in America. Just a drink too much. I can see myself doing it. In England, one feels all the social restraints holding one back. But here, anything can happen. (Quote by - W H Auden)

Even though we are the home side, the pressure will be on England. I can't remember how long it is since they reached the final of a leading tournament, so there will be so much expectation on them now. (Quote by - Shane Warne)

Our New England climate is mild and equable compared with that of the Platte. (Quote by - Francis Parkman)

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