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Happiness is the exercise of one's vital abilities along lines of excellence in a life that affords them scope. (Quote by - Greek proverb)

Cal played an excellent game today and they deserved to win. The end result is we played good enough to lose by seven. The disappointing aspect is it was a loss. The positive aspect is that we exhibited resiliency. We know we could have won that game. We fell short for a number of reasons, but I believe this was a solid beginning to what's to come for this program. And I look forward to getting right back to it after Christmas. (Quote by - Bronco Mendenhall)

To see victory only when it is within the ken of the common herd is not the acme of excellence. (Quote by - Sun Tzu)

Excellence is a process that should occupy all our days. (Quote by - Ted W. Engstrom)

The project is excellent and on schedule. The activity of the area on Daniels and I-75 is very exciting. (Quote by - Billy Brown)

Yale's greatness carries an urgent need to guard against the fall of excellence into exclusivity, of refinement into preciousness, of elegance into class and convention. (Quote by - Benno C. Schmidt Jr.)

Excellence does not begin in Washington. (Quote by - Ronald Reagan)

They really spread the field, and they have an excellent quarterback. Jennings throws the ball really well. They're going to try and make big plays in the passing game. (Quote by - Vance Belew)

If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work. (Quote by - Thomas J. Watson Sr.)

He's excellent, very knowledgeable and knows the business. (Quote by - Chuck Pavlos)

Excellence always sells. (Quote by - Earl Nightingale)

He was the difference for them. We had a lot of shots and he played excellent. (Quote by - Bill Torni)

We got some excellent performances both on the track and in the field. We showed today that we are a very well-rounded team. (Quote by - Curt Miller)

They played excellent. It was unfortunate that I could not close out my match though after being so close with four match points. (Quote by - Bojana Bobusic)

Kirilenko is an excellent player. That's what he does. His arms are very long and very active. They did a good job of putting up a smaller lineup with him as a freelance guy, blocking shots. (Quote by - Bonzi Wells)

There is none who cannot teach somebody something, and there is none so excellent but he is excelled. (Quote by - Baltasar Gracian)

Rice Lake has excellent ice. It's one of the few places we can curl in the summers. (Quote by - Courtney George)

Whoever I am, or whatever I am doing, some kind of excellence is within my reach. (Quote by - John W. Gardner)

These are excellent results with strong growth performance from investment banking and better than expected growth in banking. (Quote by - Colin Keogh)

We don't see this as a budget exercise. It's about management excellence. (Quote by - David Barna)

Where none admire, 'tis useless to excel; / Where none are beaux, 'tis vain to be a belle. (Quote by - Lord Lyttelton)

Transit buses are an excellent application for hybrid propulsion systems, because buses consume significantly more fuel than cars or light trucks and they are often utilized in stop-and-go city traffic. (Quote by - Beth Lowery)

I realized this year, you can't always be excellent, you can't be perfect. It was an eye-opening year. This is definitely one of its ups. (Quote by - Andrew Johnson)

There weren't many second chances out there. The guys did an excellent job clearing the net and clearing rebounds. (Quote by - Chris Mason)

Nike has always been a business about excellence and achievement. (Quote by - Andrew Young)

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