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All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare. (Quote by - Baruch Spinoza)

The ACE Awards pay tribute to the high standard of excellence that these leaders provide in our industry. These innovators -- the creators of technology -- are shaping our future through their influence, vision and creativity, enabling us to see the world in a new light. (Quote by - Brian Fuller)

I definitely feel like we're a dynamic duo, .. You've got Michael Pittman, an excellent blocker, an excellent pass catcher. His ability to do that is going to allow both of us to be on the field at the same time. That's a double threat the defense has to worry about. (Quote by - Carnell Williams)

Richards-Zeta was selected for having shown excellence in the field and for having gone beyond its technical product advancements to encompass a comprehensive view of market dynamics that resulted in delivering on-going improvements for the end-users. (Quote by - Jorge Moreno)

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. (Quote by - Booker T. Washington)

It's got the context of a very good architect [Renzo Piano, who designed the expansion] and an excellent museum. You couldn't ask for more. (Quote by - Claes Oldenburg)

It would have to be an entry-level model, like the Hyundai Excel. It would take low price and some style, though low price triumphs over style any time. (Quote by - Art Spinella)

The chief executive is doing an excellent job and the board are extraordinarily supportive of him. (Quote by - Charles Miller Smith)

Our defense was excellent and our pitching is really getting there and coming on. (Quote by - Craig Lauger)

She has excellent range. She has made a couple of plays out there that are worthy of (TV) highlights. (Quote by - Chad McKnight)

This is for the folks who are doing a good to excellent job. The program is going to be very competitive, and the money is going to be limited. (Quote by - Dana Holland)

He's a big, strong, athletic kid. He's got a good fastball with excellent movement and good sink. He's got a major-league slider. Obviously, the stuff is there and the ability is there. He needs to pitch a little bit more and get consistent outings. (Quote by - Ben Cherington)

Brian has a complete game. He serves extremely well. His ground strokes are excellent, volleys are superb. (Quote by - Vicki Browning)

Journalistic excellence and enterprise is at the heart of CNN's philosophy. We believe these Awards play a valuable role in the promotion and encouragement of quality journalism in Africa. (Quote by - Chris Cramer)

They were all extraordinary children. They were considered excellent teammates, and they will be deeply, deeply missed. (Quote by - Colleen Roche)

Everything went very well. We have an excellent crop of young rookies. .. They were very impressive. (Quote by - Butch Meyer)

He's an excellent all-around player. (Quote by - Artie Braden)

The quality of racing continues to excel with starters increasing to 1496,. (Quote by - Chris Nolan)

The company's excellent financial performance, including 16 consecutive quarters of revenue and profit growth, and the successful expansion of its retail and wholesale businesses, has not been reflected in our recent stock price performance. (Quote by - Charles Koppelman)

We have a really excellent collection. I've been told that we have the best Spanish language collection of any library in the state. But that was a couple of years ago and some have probably caught up with us. (Quote by - Carole Winkleblack)

We just showed very unselfish play. We had excellent teamwork. (Quote by - Chris Guess)

This [peer advisor] program has been nationally known for its excellence. (Quote by - Carol Wood)

Bill has done an excellent job in an interim capacity. (Quote by - City Manager Russ Blackburn)

California is really a model of excellence in safety belt use. It has the highest belt use rate in this country. In fact, they are the first state to have an international level belt use at 88.9 percent. They are really saving some of the high-risk drivers, such as teen-agers. (Quote by - Chuck Hurley)

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. (Quote by - Pat Riley)

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