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A little of what you fancy does you good. (Quote by - Proverb)

Let fancy still in my sense in Lethe steep; If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep! (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

What we are going to need is not fancy offices, but we're going to need a paid department somewhere down the line. (Quote by - Kevin Dooley)

He just wrestled solid. It was basic stuff, nothing really fancy. (Quote by - Kirby Moses)

Black is back - as if it ever goes away - and richer, boosted by fanciful textures, embroidery and brocade. Butternut, camel and olive tones are similarly decadent, and that burgundy brown - it's so rich you just want to eat it, .. If they melted Hershey's chocolate, that's what it would look like. (Quote by - Joan Kelly)

He has the nimbleness and fancy footwork of a prima ballerina. (Quote by - Ross Baker)

It was the Cadillac of biplanes. This is the fancy model, with leather seating. The workmanship inside is insane. (Quote by - Bill Allen)

Organization charts and fancy titles count for next to nothing. (Quote by - Colin Powell)

The apps are very simple. The terminals and networks are not up to the fancy things that are being touted. (Quote by - Duncan Brown)

We fancied even that the bushes smelt unpleasantly. (Quote by - Charles Darwin)

Ever let the Fancy roam, Pleasure never is at home. (Quote by - William Cowper)

Some of the stuff they do is so fancy it is probably collegiate level. (Quote by - Jennifer Wright)

To me this world is all one continued vision of fancy or imagination, and I feel flattered when I am told so. What is it sets Homer, Virgil and Milton in so high a rank of art? Why is the Bible more entertaining and instructive than any other book? Is it not because they are addressed to the imagination, which is spiritual sensation, and but immediately to the understanding or reason?. (Quote by - William Blake)

I fancied my chances against anyone that was left in. (Quote by - David Howell)

In headaches and in worry(Quote by - And Time will have his fancy)

When at the close of each sad, sorrowing day, Fancy restores what vengeance snatch'd away. (Quote by - Alexander Pope)

He was tricked by Bonny Lee and he hated her for it, .. The defendant fancied himself street-savvy, and he was taken by a small-time grifter. (Quote by - Shellie Samuels)

I'll say this for sherry - it really makes you fancy a vodka. (Quote by - Barbara Knox)

A poet soaring in the high region of his fancies with his garland and singing robes about him. (Quote by - John Milton)

Ah, I fancy it is just the same with most of what you call your ''emancipation'.' You have read yourself into a number of new ideas and opinions. You have got a sort of smattering of recent discoveries in various fields / discoveries that seem to overthrow certain principles which have hitherto been held impregnable and unassailable. But all this has only been a matter of intellect, Miss West / superficial acquisition. It has not passed into your blood. (Quote by - Henrik Ibsen)

She's always been more of a tomboy. Those fancy cars never interested her. (Quote by - John Schultz)

I think maybe we were too confident. We tried to be more fancy. (Quote by - Darius Kasparaitis)

It's a fancy term to say chief grunt. (Quote by - Dave Fields)

It was no fancy of mine about his hands, I observed; for he frequently ground the palms against each other as if to squeeze them dry and warm, besides often wiping them, in a stealthy way, on his pocket-handkerchief. (Quote by - Charles Dickens)

We often fancy that we suffer from ingratitude, while in reality we suffer from self-love. (Quote by - Walter Savage Landor)

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