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When you do research in international telecommunications, you look for business-plan flexibility. So a deal like this makes sense for Star, because it helps in directing more traffic through Star's network, while providing the flexibility of going into the retail business.. The retail minutes come in a large bucket of small chunks, instead of small bucket of large chunks -- this type of fit will only serve to help Star in redirecting its traffic. (Quote by - Mark Langner)

There is not an equal treatment in comparison to art and literacy. We need more flexibility in our funding. (Quote by - Dean Gilbert)

It's not something you have to do five days a week. It's very flexible. (Quote by - Anne Marie Thornton)

We've got some good flexibility there with the rotation we've been in. (Quote by - Jim Bates)

We believe that you need a single unified platform on top of which you can make as many flexible solutions as you want. (Quote by - Shai Agassi)

He give us the flexibility to do some things with our lineup, by him being able to play both defense and forward. He's got an unselfish personality. He's got some speed and one year he scored 14 goals, too. So there's some ability to shoot the puck and score. (Quote by - Glen Hanlon)

It's clear there is flexibility, and what that flexibility means is something the review will help us to get at. (Quote by - Gerard Kennedy)

This action will provide Ball with greater flexibility for future growth. (Quote by - David Hoover)

It's a good exercise. It really helps with my flexibility. I do the spider drill all of the time. (Quote by - Chad Owens)

Knox County board of commissioners would support more flexibility, not less. You have to be responsible for tax dollars, as do we, but we'd appreciate more. One component may work well in one community, but not another. (Quote by - Allen Stockberger)

Life is movement, stay alive. Flexibility exercises that develop your full range of movement will help you on the slopes as well as in your daily life. (Quote by - Adrian Crook)

You want to set rules, but with a lot of flexibility. (Quote by - Frederic Mishkin)

The problem with retaining your flexibility is you also create uncertainty. I'd be very pleased if the Fed took some new initiatives, but I'm not expecting it. (Quote by - Bill Dudley)

I think it just allows additional flexibility for the commission to ensure all legitimate inquiries are handled appropriately. And just a timing issue should not necessarily throw it out. (Quote by - Brian Gibson)

The attractiveness of this product is flexibility, but that flexibility sometimes can get people in trouble. (Quote by - Anthony Hsieh)

We don't have the flexibility of changing the bid amount. We can go through the whole process and someone else could beat us by giving more. (Quote by - Thomas Kelly)

You're going to spend a good hour-plus reading, so you have to make sure you have the flexibility you need. (Quote by - Velvet Hammerschmidt)

We think that that's inappropriate, .. The genius of the Internet is that it has been flexible (and) private sector led. (Quote by - David Gross)

When it comes to energy prices, we don't have much flexibility, we still have to drive, we still have to take the kids to (hockey), we still have to heat the house. (Quote by - Benjamin Tal)

Plus, she gets the flexibility so she can spend time with the kids when things aren't going on. (Quote by - Alan Abramowitz)

Government has to have the flexibility to say, 'We're going to dismiss this person, not because we think he's disloyal but because we think he is [for example] a bad lawyer,'. (Quote by - Eugene Volokh)

We just have to have more flexibility to be able to handle the ups and downs day to day. (Quote by - Tom Scott)

We're very hopeful that the court will uphold this act of Congress and agree that there is some flexibility and some room for common sense in our criminal justice system. (Quote by - Paul Cassell)

We believe it is necessary for us to obtain this additional financing flexibility to meet our semi-annual bond interest payment and working capital needs for this 90 day period. While we are beginning to realize the favorable effect of recent industry pricing trends in the first quarter of 2006, we have experienced significantly higher energy costs at our U.S. paper mill, as well as higher than expected fees to complete the re-audit of our prior financial statements. (Quote by - Timothy P. Leybold)

If we're going to open up downtown, open it up. With two-way streets, there's flexibility of traffic patterns. It creates an environment in the center city for renewal of retail. (Quote by - Bill Blaydes)

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