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Flexibility Quotes
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SAP technology increases our agility and flexibility so we can more effectively collaborate with business partners and take advantage of worldwide growth opportunities far into the foreseeable future. Dow is setting an example across industry, working to create efficiencies that enhance productivity and increase the ease of doing business with Dow. (Quote by - Dave Kepler)

Many people find notebooks easier to use, cleaner on their desk, and it gives the flexibility of being mobile should the need arise. (Quote by - Brian Beeler)

We've got him in a strenuous flexibility program. The flexibility is definitely paying off for him. He's got his sights set on state. (Quote by - Dan Lloyd)

He will probably be very flexible now. He'll be very adroit in his attempt to win popularity. (Quote by - Warren Beatty)

We chose this design because it allows Vela the flexibility to serve our customers. (Quote by - Tom Allen)

The reason we've chosen pure flash memory is because it gives greater design flexibility by allowing one flash product to be used in multiple projects or for multiple customers. It avoids locking the code into the device, which is the standard for masked ROM devices. It also lowers the design cost because we eliminate the mask-ROM charges, which can be anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 per mask layer. (Quote by - Stephen Johnston)

Portable Internet from Rogers Yahoo Hi-Speed Internet gives customers the flexibility and convenience to move from one location to another by simply taking their modem with them. (Quote by - Terry Canning)

Prior to this they didn't have much flexibility; they were shutting down high cost assets, but didn't have the financial flexibility to do profitable projects like reducing energy costs. (Quote by - Stephen Atkinson)

This bill contains various options that were suggested by the National Governors Association to give states more flexibility in how they spend their Medicaid dollars. (Quote by - Chris Riley)

Working with IBM gave us the flexibility to design a processor to give game developers the kind of targeted power they need to make great games. (Quote by - Todd Holmdahl)

He's going to have to be a little flexible, and we'll work this out. If there's not flexibility on his part, too, we'll probably bump heads a little bit, but we'll make it work. (Quote by - Terry Francona)

We wanted the flexibility. Our cap isn't the [$39 million NHL] cap. Our cap is a number that we're going to work with. (Quote by - Darryl Sutter)

We would have the ability to control, and flexibility to be able to respond to circumstances daily. (Quote by - Gary Kubic)

One of the things we've found, as have our large customers, is the need for remaining flexible within the corporate structure. (Quote by - Scott Washburn)

If you look at the fundamentals of our economy -- is it mean, lean and flexible, does it have right ideas about how to produce -- all the good stuff is there. (Quote by - Warren Bailey)

We've listened closely and are making changes that provide added flexibility at price points more favorable to our customers. (Quote by - David Friedman)

Bodies change as we get older, and most people do not maintain the strength per pound or the flexibility that children have. Risks get higher as you advance in gymnastics and the fear factor comes into play, and therefore the mental challenge increases. (Quote by - Dave Sherman)

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