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Forbidden Quotes
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Satires which the censor can understand are justly forbidden (Quote by - Karl Kraus)

That's metaphysics, my dear fellow. It's forbidden me by my doctor, my stomach won't take it. (Quote by - Boris Pasternak)

Sin is not harmful because it is forbidden, but it is forbidden because it is harmful. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Falling in love is one of the activities forbidden that tiresome person, the consistently reasonable man. (Quote by - Sir Arthur Eddington)

It is forbidden to decry other sects; the true believer gives honour to whatever in them is worthy of honour. (Quote by - Asoka)

Forbidden fruit is sweet. (Quote by - Proverb)

Things forbidden have a secret charm. (Quote by - Tacitus)

We always long for forbidden things, k and desire what is denied us. (Quote by - Francois Rabelais)

It is now quite lawful for a Catholic woman to avoid pregnancy by a resort to mathematics, though she is still forbidden to resort to physics or chemistry. (Quote by - Henry L Mencken)

Vulgarized knowledge characteristically gives birth to a feeling that everything is understandable and explained. It is like a system of bridges built over chasms. One can travel boldly ahead over these bridges, ignoring the chasms. It is forbidden to look down into them; but that, alas, does not alter the fact that they exist. (Quote by - Czeslaw Milosz)

Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi's life. So, you might say that we are encouraged to love. (Quote by - Anakin Skywalker)

While forbidden fruit is said to taste sweeter, it usually spoils faster. (Quote by - Abigail Van Buren)

Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant. (Quote by - Bible)

Forbidden pleasures alone are loved immoderately; when lawful, they do not excite desire. (Quote by - Quintilian)

We need criminals to identify ourselves with, to secretly envy and to stoutly punish. They do for us the forbidden, illegal things we wish to do. (Quote by - Karl Menninger)

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

What it is forbidden to be put right becomes lighter by acceptance. (Quote by - Horace)

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