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Graffiti Quotes
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Bobbie here is madly in love with you and trembles at the sight of your rippling biceps. (Quote by - Curt Henderson)

Hi cousin, how's your bod? (Quote by - Carol)

What a babe what a bitchin' babe. (Quote by - Terry Fields)

You ever get tired of goin' steady with somebody that ain't around - I'm up for grabs. (Quote by - John Milner)

You're an ogre. Just like my father. He won't let me stay out late or play records, or anything. (Quote by - Carol)

The radio is goneThat means - the car is gone! Oh God, not the car! Oh no! Anything, but not the car. (Quote by - Terry Fields)

Gray hair is God's graffiti. (Quote by - Bill Cosby)

Somebody wants me. Somebody's who's out there, roaming the streets, wants ME Would you turn the corner? (Quote by - Curt Henderson)

Judas needed the money for a sick friend. (Quote by - Graffiti | Quips and Comments Quotes)

In New York whose subway trains in particular have been tattooed with an energy to put our own rude practitioners to shame not an inch of free space is spared except that of advertisements. (Quote by - Gilbert Adair)

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