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July Quotes
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There are two seasons in Scotland - Winter and July. (Quote by - Billy Connelly)

All of us from President Chirac to the president of China expressed sympathy to Tony Blair and Britain. There is a strong consensus on the need to defend our values. [on the London terrorist bombings, 7th July 2005] (Quote by - Jose Manuel Barroso)

Treaties, you see, are like girls and roses: they last while they last. (Quote by - Charles De Gaulle)

If the first of July be rainy weather, It will rain, more of less, for four weeks together. (Quote by - John Ray)

The linden, in the fervors of July, Hums with a louder concert. When the wind Sweeps the broad forest in its summer prime, As when some master-hand exulting sweeps The keys of some great organ, ye give forth The music of the woodland depths, a hymn Of gladness and of thanks. (Quote by - William Cullen Bryant)

I don't mean to sound grandiose, but there's something universal that you tap into with films like Feast of July and Schindler's List. You know they aren't make-believe. They illustrate something about life. This is my major concern whenever I select a film (Quote by - Embeth Davidtz)

The Summer looks out from her brazen tower, Through the flashing bars of July. (Quote by - Francis Thompson)

Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April 15. (Quote by - Ronald Reagan)

I was devastated by the atrocious bombings that struck London today. These vicious acts have cut us all to the core, for they are an attack on humanity itself. [7th July 2005 - on London bombings] (Quote by - Kofi Annan)

The Aussies and the Ashes are still quite a way off, but July 21 will come upon us quite fast from now on and it's important all the players get their games in good order and we continue to play as a good team. (Quote by - Michael Vaughan)

I would like to express to all Londoners, to all of the British people, the solidarity, the compassion and the friendship of France and the French people. [on London terrorist attacks, 7th July 2005] (Quote by - Jacques Chirac)

Hot July brings cooling showers, Apricots and gillyflowers. (Quote by - Sara Coleridge)

I express my horror and disgust at this cowardly attack on innocent people. These sorts of attacks will not alter the determination of free countries to do the right thing. [on the London terrorist attacks, 7th July 2005] (Quote by - John Howard)

Mark has to be the best guy I've met, he's damn cool with a camera and a microphone. taken from mtv trl July 2004 (Quote by - Tim Kash)

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