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I think through everything that ve been through, that I feel I can sit here and say I feel good about it. (Quote by - Tom Cruise)

The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. Frown at it, and it will in turn look sourly upon you; laugh at it and with it, and it is a jolly kind companion. (Quote by - William Makepeace Thackeray)

There is a frustration about how all the Green voices at the general election can be reflected at Westminster, and we will be talking a lot at the conference about invigorating democracy, (Quote by - Caroline Lucas)

We're at a stage where both sides are reflecting and the Chinese side suggested we meet again ... tomorrow. (Quote by - Anthony Gooch)

They're a great team. I don't think their record reflects how good they are. (Quote by - Chris Netzel)

We decide certain words aren't so bad anymore. It's reflected in our everyday language use. (Quote by - Carol Bruess)

How can we know ourselves? Never by reflection, but only through action. Begin at once to do your duty and immediately you will know what is inside you. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

It is a sad reflection . . . that a sense of responsibility which comes with power is the rarest of things. (Quote by - Alexander Crummell)

The high level of interest from fans and commercial partners is reflected by another year of strong growth, especially at the highest level. (Quote by - Dan Jones)

I have taken roads that I wished I had not traveled on. And I'm traveling on some pretty exciting ones, too. (Quote by - Paul Newman)

The tragedy in America caused us all to reflect and evaluate our own lives and relationships with family and friends. The PGA of America's decision to postpone the matches is very appropriate in light of the situation. (Quote by - Curtis Strange)

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection (Quote by - Thomas Paine)

Theater is, of course, a reflection of life. Maybe we have to improve life before we can hope to improve theater. (Quote by - W. R. Inge)

He's a bit of a trash talker. But it's just a reflection of his desire to win. He comes in here every weekend, playing hard every game. (Quote by - Bob Marinak)

There are two distinct classes of what are called thoughts: those that we produce in ourselves by reflection and the act of thinking, and those that bolt into the mind of their own accord (Quote by - Thomas Paine)

When you are young, you think. When you are old, you reflect. The very same but yet a life of difference. (Quote by - Helene Lagerberg)

These stocks already reflect liquidation value, (Quote by - Charles Peabody)

I know no subject more elevating, more amazing, more ready to the poetical enthusiasm, the philosophical reflection, and the moral sentiment than the works of nature. Where can we meet such variety, such beauty, such magnificence? (Quote by - James Thomson)

This is my first time as a head coach to have girls signing. It's exciting. I think it reflects well on our program. (Quote by - Courtney Cooper)

If others would but reflect on mathematical truths as deeply and as continuously as I have, they would make my discoveries (Quote by - Carl Friedrich Gauss)

When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

Sportsmen represent a very important constituency to this campaign. They reflect, in many cases, the interests and views of a majority of Americans and rural America. (Quote by - Danny Diaz)

Judas is a reflection of anyone who ends up rejecting Jesus. It's a tragic story?not something to shake your finger at, but something to be sad about. (Quote by - Darrell Bock)

The proposal now reflects a lot of the good work we as stakeholders did over the summer on this. There's a lot to be said for starting small to help break through the rhetoric. (Quote by - Chad Smith)

People are really starting to feel good again, and I see it reflected in the way they're looking at clothes and looking at fashion, and the way they are buying it, and the way they're wearing it, (Quote by - Calvin Klein)

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