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'Frndship' is Not About Finding D Right Person BUT Creating D Right
Relation ... It's NOT How Much We 'CARE' in D Begning BUT How Much We 'CARE'
Till D END ...
~ Cute SMS Text Message

From my heart to my fingers to your eyes and your mind.
Simple words from a friend is what you may find.
A good night wish, sweet dreams, from me to you.
This you should know, my wish is true.
If you look closer you'll see that I care.
I send you this message because I can't be there
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Full Form of love
L....... Lake of sarrow
O........... Oecen of tears
V......... Vally of death
E........ End of life
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast.
It is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered,
It keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil,
But rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trust,
Always hopes, always perserveres.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

When I open my eyes to see the sun rise I think of you.
When I hear a robin sing on the first day of spring
I think of you.
When I see a red rose on the bush where it grows I think of you.
When I feel the summer heat on the sand beneath my feet
I think of you
When I sit on a beach another world just out of reach
I think of you
When I see the colored leaves fall to the ground from a light breeze I think of you.
When I'm old and near death and I draw my last breath
I'll think of you.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

In the halls i see you walkin
There you are just talkin
I love your hair i love your eyes
They're almost as blue as the sky
I wish that one day we will be
Together forever you and me
We'd be happy as can be
Cause i'd have you and you'd have me
My wish came true
Cause I now have you
We hug we kiss
We never miss
Cause you love me and I love you
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Funny Valentine!
Where are you?
How will you come to me?
In a red box, the softness of
A teddy bear or the tenderness of
A kiss?
The security of a hug, the snug warm
Feeling of love?
You seem sooo far away!
I think about you when I close my eyes
And even when I open them in the morning.
It may not be Valentine's Day everyday
But with you. Just know your
My love supply.
My Funny Valentine!
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Gateway of memories will never close. How much i miss u no one knows. Days will in years & i will remember u in my silent tears
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Getting wat u love is success, loving what u get is compromise, loving wheather you get it or not is true love, and loving even after being sure u won't get is pure love .
~ Cute SMS Text Message

G-get up
O-open ur eyes
O-out of ur bed
D-day has risen
M-merry life
O-old dreams cum true
N-new frnds
I-ideas of life
N-nice future
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Girl ur clever girl ur smart.girl ur like a work of art.girl ur sexy girl ur fine.d only thing u aint is mine
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Girl when u hold me.
How u control me
& then u bend me & u fold me
That's the way you treat me
It must be easy for you
Loves the things you do.
But i am just a pasttime for you
I could be another...
When i never know a girl
Or if i stare a girl
Because the game that you play,
Keeps drop me the way.
Don't love me for fun girl
Love someone form ur heart
Let it be the one, girl
Love me for a reason
Let the reason be love
~ Cute SMS Text Message

The girl got hurt and started to cry.the boy pulled her close 2 him nd said U R NOT PRETTY BUT BEAUTIFUL,I DONT WANT TO LIVE WID U...BUT LIVE FOR U,IF U LEAVE ME.....I WONT CRY BUT DIE.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Give "LAUGH" 2 all
But "SMILE" 2 1
Give "CHEEKS" 2 all
But "LIPS" 2 1
Give "LOVE" 2 all
But "HEART" 2 1
Let Everybody "LOVE" u
But U "LOVE" 1
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Give laugh to all but Smile to One. Give cheeks to all but lips to One. Give luv to all but heart to one, let everybody luv u but U luv one . Miss you very much Jaanaaa.... Love you
~ Cute SMS Text Message

God gaved us two legs to walk, two hands to hold, two eyes to see, two ears to heart, But Y he gives U only 1 hear 'bcos he gave the other 1 to find.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

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