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As long as you are near
Yesterday is gone
Today is here
Tomorrow is near
And I will never
As long as you are near
~ Cute SMS Text Message

As she's leaving....
Hey aren't you forgetting something?
She: What? ..................Me!
~ Cute SMS Text Message

As u open ur eyes, ill be thinking of u. As u begin a new day, ill be prayin 4u. As u face problems, ill be just beside u. Remember ill be with u 4 ever.......
~ Cute SMS Text Message

As we grow older 2gether, As we continue 2 change with age, There is 1 thing that will never change...I will always keep falling in luv with you. Phomolo
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Ask my eyes to stop looking at you... Ask my brain to stop thinking about you.. Ask my imagination to stop dreaming about you.. Ask my heart to stop beating..ask me everything..But don't u ever stop me from loving you.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Baby I have an addiction problem. People say I shud go to rehab but I always tell them that I don't wanna go cause I'm addicted to U
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Baby you have a beautiful, pure, innocent heart. The moment i layed my eyes on you i knew you were the love of my life. Love "letshela"
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Be careful to whom u give ur heart bcoz when u give ur hear to some1 ur not giving that person right to love but also power to hurt.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Be My Valentine
This may be a little silly,
But I have a question for you,
Will you be my valentine?
'Cause no one else will do...
I know you are my boyfriend
But will you be my valentine?
I can't think of anyone else
I'd want to have as mine...
No one else gives me the tingles
The way you always do,
So, will you be my valentine?
So I can share this with you...
No one has ever kissed me
And sent chills down my spine,
Until the night you kissed me,
So, please be my valentine...
Like I said this is silly,
But I have one last question for you...
If you agree to be my valentine,
Can I be yours too?
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Be my valentine,
Say that you are mine,
And will be for all time,
Let our hearts entwine
Be my valentine,
All of your allures,
Told me I'm your's,
As long as life endures,
Be my valentine,
Tell me that you care,
I always will be there,
With everything to share,
Be my valentine,
Your personality,
Is perfect just for me,
I love you, don't you see,
Be valentine,
Share with me, your heart,
Give our love a start,
We will never part,
Be my valentine,
I pray to god above,
To send me your love,
Cupid, give her a shove,
Be my valentine,
When you dream at night,
With your eyes shut tight,
Let me be your light,
Be my valentine,
When you sing a song,
Tell me I belong,
In your heart so strong,
Be my valentine,
When I think of you,
I hope you're thinking too,
About my love so true,
Be my valentine,
In the east or west,
You know I love you best,
So give up the all rest,
And be my valentine,
No matter what the season,
It's you I should be pleasing,
I love you is the reason,
Be my valentine.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Be my Valentine, for I
Each day have thought of you.
My whole life couldn't manage what
Your ready smile can do,
Vanquishing my loneliness
As though all light were new.
Let me be your Valentine
Even as you're mine,
Needing what I have to give
That each might each define
In friendship and in harmony,
Now you, now I the melody,
Each helping each to shine
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Be my Valentine, my love,
As I will be for you,
And we will love the whole day long,
And love our whole lives through.
For love has no parameters
And does not end with time,
But is the gift of paradise,
A pinch of the sublime.
So let us take this holiday
To resubmit our love
To those within that know no sin
And with the angels move
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Be my Valentine: What does that mean?
Each of us must walk through life alone,
More deeply desolate than we have known,
Yearning for a truth we've never seen.
Valentines are from beyond that dream,
Are like a sunrise on a world of stone.
Little on this journey can we own
Except as miracles might intervene.
No way but through loving might we give
The freedom of our being to another.
In such a sacrifice we hope to live
No longer bound by dreams of flesh and bone,
Even as we bind our lives together
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Be smart, be clever put me in your heart for ever.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

B-e with us in the circle of our love,
E-ven if by chance you are alone.
O-ur greetings we have hope your heart will move,
U-niting our good wishes with your own.
R-emember there are those who think of you,
V-ested in the will to be a friend.
A-s distant hills give depth to what we view,
L-et these words some grace to your day lend.
E-ach life is lived behind a sheltering veil,
N-ot lifted but for love. Yet when we will,
T-here is a wind that shifts the rampart frail,
I-nvading with sweet scent the spirit still.
N-ow may we all enjoy this fragrance fine,
E-ach each other's secret Valentine.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Bee Love Honey
People Love Money
Flower Love Dew
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength
While loving someone deeply gives you courage....
~ Cute SMS Text Message

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