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Whenever u feel alone,just look8d spaces between ur fingrs n think of me, u'll see my fingrs locked with urs forever..~ Cute SMS Text Message

Whenever u remember me feel that i am with u; never understand that these distances and compulsions can stop me to love with.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Whenever you feel blue, I will be there for you,
Whenever you are sad, I will stay by your side,
Whenever you need someone to love..
I will always be there for you to have
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Where there is great love there are
Always miracles....
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Where you don't come in my dreams, why you tease me.
Why you don't come, for God seek come again in my dreams, in my life, in my eyes, in my heart, in my soul.
I know why you don't come. Coz I broke your swear; try to understand, I was in a great trouble then.
So I cold not come, please come, I am silly.How can you come, you have died but my love is alive, I will love yours soul till my life
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Which colour u think suits me?
Reply soon
My valentine..
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Who siad luvin u will ever be easy? I just luv u bcoz my heart tells me 2 do so, if it was not ffor my heart i was going to luv ui more n more. Enjoy ur night
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Why do we close our eyes when we pray?
When we cry?
When we dream?
When we kiss?
Coz,we know dat most beautiful things in life r not
Seen but felt by heart........laila
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Why people love heaven? For peace. Why people love bird? For sing. Why People love flower? For beauty. Why I love you? B'coz you are my heart
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Why we close our eyes, when we pray, when we cry, when we dream, when we kiss, because the most wonderfull things in life r unseen and felt only by the heart
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Will you be my Valentine?
I know that I am yours.
I love you with a love that yearns
To be your golden shores
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Will you be my Valentine?
I know that I am yours.
You are like a ocean,
And I am like your shores.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

With both hands I sought my gift,
I still did not have a clue,
Then God put your hand in mine,
And said His gift to me was YOU
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Without wife there is no home only house. Wife make it home. Without beloved heart is only a piece of flesh. Beloved make it life and soul. I feel my heart is not only piece of flesh. It is ful of ambitions, life,prosperity. I look deep u r in and hold it. Sukar Allah ka. Without u no my life. I Love u so much.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Without you.
The birds can make no melody.
The flowers have no other beauty or perfume..
All is a meaningless waste.
I love you.
You are in every thought. The sun cannot shine
Dreams, hope, desire.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Wonderful things GOD has made, remember u r one of them, wonderful inside & out. U r blessed! U r special and u r loved. I love u.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Wondering what my Valentine lover
Will give me on Valentine's day
Will it be a trip abroad?
Will it be money for me to hoard?
Will it be a diamond ring?
Will it be two lovebirds to happily sing?
Will it be a brand new car?
Will he reach up for the bewitching stars?
No my Valentine lover
Had cupid's dart
He aimed the dart
Towards my heart
My Valentine lover gave me his heart
In return I gave him mine
To keep with him
Till the end of time
Yes; my Valentine lover gave me his heart! ~ Cute SMS Text Message

Wot letters r missin in H__RT? EA or U? Pick EA & u get a heart!If u pick U,u will get hurt! I'd pick U coz it's better to get hurt than have a heart without U!
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Would say:
100j PURE,
25% loving,
25% caring,
25% smart,
25% loyal,
COLOUR: cheerful,
SIZE: huggable,
TYPE: one of a kind!!!
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Xcuse me miss. There is a lovely guest house in my heart. But itx overbooked. Someone booked for u.. Do u know who... Me
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Y do we close our eyes wen we sleep - wen we dream, wen we kiss? Dis is becoz the most precious thing in the world is unseen. Wen i close my eyes i c u!
~ Cute SMS Text Message

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