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Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

Being dumped by email

Being dumped by IM

Being dumped by phone

Being dumped by postal letter

Which is Worse?

Having a great house and not being able to spend any time to spend in it

Having a junky house and having loads of time to spend in it

Which is Worse?

Knowing that your gonna be sick

Needing to be sick but you can't

Which is Worse?

Too salty

Too sweet

Which is Worse?

Getting pants'ed in front of all your friends wearing Barney underwear

Getting pants'ed in front of all your friends wearing no underwear

Which is Worse?

Having to tell someone that you don't love them anymore

Someone telling you that they don't love you anymore

Which is Worse?

Chicken and jelly

Tuna fish and ketchup

Which is Worse?

Being loved by co-workers but hated by the boss

Being loved by the boss but hated by co-workers

Which is Worse?

Running Over Your Parents In A Car

Running Over Your Two Best Friends In A Car

Which is Worse?

Sitting in Chili

Sitting in Gum