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Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

Standing in line at DMV

Standing in line at Port-O-Potty at a concert

Standing in line at Post Office

Which is Worse?

Regretting something you did

Regretting something you did not do

Which is Worse?

Having your eyes scooped out with a spoon

Having your fingers cut off one by one

Which is Worse?

Your boyfriend/girlfriend reading your diary

Your parents reading your diary

Which is Worse?

No candy on Halloween

No food and no parade on Thanksgiving

No presents on Christmas

Outlawed egg dying and no chocolate bunnies on Easter

Which is Worse?

Someone constantly popping gum

Someone constantly whistling

Which is Worse?



Which is Worse?

Only being able to whisper for the rest of your life

Only being able to yell for the rest of you life

Which is Worse?

A bad picture in your yearbook

A bad picture on your license

Which is Worse?

Jumping out of the plane.

Staying in plane that is about to crash.