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Movie Name: Danger on the Air

In this 1938 film, the sponsor of a radio program is murdered at the station during a broadcast. This 1938 film is based on a novel. Nan Grey, as Christina "Steenie" MacCorkle, a radio advertising executive, is suspected of murdering her client, Berton Churchill, as Caesar Kluck, a soda magnate. Loathed by all who met him, or forced to work, with his underhanded business machinations, the victims, and suspects, start piling up. Including thug, Joe Downing, as Gangster Joe Carney; Lee J. Cobb as Tony Lisotti, trying to protect his daughter, Louise Stanley, as Maria Lisotti, from being another notch on Kluck's belt; and, Peter Lind Hayes, as Harry Lake, who is desperate to get on the air, seemingly at any cost. It's up to radio engineer Donald Woods, as Benjamin Franklin Butts, and "Steenie's" brother, Frank Milan, as Alexander MacCorkle, to try to clear her, before the real murderer gets rid of another victim; unless, of course, it is one of them. Time is running out.