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  Boredom busting questions Survey

1. The Nanny or Seinfeld?

 Nanny     Seinfeld   

2. Happy Days or Charlie's Angels?

 Happy Days     Charlie's Angels   

3. Spongebob Squarepants or Rugrats?

 Squarepants     Rugrats   

4. Seseme Street or Barney?

 Street     Barney   

5. Heroes or Smallville?

 Heroes     Smallville   

6. Survivor or Laguna Beach?

 Survivor     Laguna   

7. Evev Stevens or Lizzie McGuire?

 Evev Stevens     Lizzie McGuire   

8. Sister Sister or Two of a Kind?

 Sister     Two of a Kind   

9. CSI or NCIS?

 CSI     NCI