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  Are you a coward?

1. Do you get scared, on seeing roller-coasters in amusement parks?

 Yes     No   

2. Have you ever taken a roller-coaster ride?

 Are you mad?     Many times.   

3. If you are offered $10000 to spend a night in a haunted house, you would

 Decline the offer.     Take up the challenge.   

4. Do you get scared of animals in the zoo?

 Very much.     Not at all.   

5. If a dog barks at you, you would

 Run away.     Snarl back.   

6. Ever seen a horror movie all alone?

 Once. I was sick for a week after watching it.     Yes. What is the big deal?   

7. You took this quiz

 To confirm your cowardice.     Just for fun.