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The ABC board regrets that Russell Balding has decided to leave the corporation a year ahead of the conclusion of his current five year contract, but understands that after ten years with the ABC he wishes to take up an attractive opportunity which has been offered to him . (Quote by - Donald McDonald)

ABC is going to want to keep us from going to the open marketplace, but we're going to be very interested in going there if ABC doesn't make a preemptive offer. We've never had the opportunity to test it on the open marketplace . (Quote by - Tom Hansen)

Today, ABC advised the guild that it intends to pay residuals to performers based on the videocassette formula -- a formula that does not apply to this new platform. ABC's actions are flatly inconsistent with our collective-bargaining agreements and with labor law obligations and fail to fairly compensate performers for the use of their work and images . (Quote by - Alan Rosenberg)

It was hard for me to do the show (All American Girl) because a lot of people didn't even understand the concept of Asian-American. I was on a morning show, and the host said, 'Awright, Margaret, we're changing over to an ABC affiliate! So why don't you tell our viewers in your native language that we're making that transition?' So I looked at the camera and said, 'Um, they're changing over to an ABC affiliate'. (Quote by - Margaret Cho)

It controls the Web brands of ESPN, ABC and Disney. It's not surprising that it would want to own a majority of that company. (Quote by - Barry Parr)

Despite being private communication between two colleagues, the e-mails caused great embarrassment to ABC News, and the sentiments expressed in them were outrageous. Green has expressed his regret and ABC News has made it clear to the White House and to Secretary Albright that this is not the way we do business . (Quote by - Jeffrey Schneider)

Success is that old ABC - Ability, Breaks and Courage. (Quote by - Charles Luckman)

The Rolling Stones thought the censorship of their songs by the NFL/ABC was absolutely ridiculous and completely unnecessary. (Quote by - Fran Curtis)

The beginning of a legitimate service would be filling a consumer need. I don't think $1.99 is a compelling business model. ABC is trying to gauge the market. (Quote by - Nitin Gupta)

ABC News has the authority to go to news when it's something this important. We're very pleased we had this option where sports, in this case the Little League World Series, could move to ESPN and fans could see the conclusion. (Quote by - Mark Mandel)

ABC's Monday Night Football held a telethon for hurricane victims Monday when the Giants played the Saints. It went just as expected. Two days later, President Bush called and volunteered to conduct the pre-game coin toss . (Quote by - Argus Hamilton)

Curt Gowdy was a pioneer in our business and set the highest standards for everyone. His many contributions to ABC as host of 'American Sportsman' and other ABC Sports programs are indelible . (Quote by - George Bodenheimer)

We are thrilled to introduce 'This is Your Life' to a whole new generation of ABC viewers, was more than just one of America's best-loved television shows; it became a cherished part of the American vernacular. (Quote by - Andrea Wong)

He was facing down spread out. At that particular point I just grabbed him. I checked to see if I had a pulse I had a small pulse and I started doing the ABC's -- Airways Breathing and Circulation . (Quote by - Art Speight)

It's good to know we're going to be the last one. That makes it that much more special for us. We're going to be in the history books as the last Monday night game on ABC. (Quote by - Jonathan Vilma)

It's so funny, because that theme has become so synonymous with basketball, and now that ABC's got it -- we actually contacted the guys at ESPN, and they said 'No, we're going to write a new theme. (Quote by - John Tesh)

Retaining 'Monday Night Football' simply did not make smart financial sense for ABC. We could not reconcile the fees against the revenue. We love football at ABC. It's been a love affair for 36 years. It will go down in the history of sports television, being created on ABC and with this magnificent run. But at this point, given the success we're having with our entertainment product and the financials, we deemed that this was the proper move for us. We're not looking back . (Quote by - George Bodenheimer)

It's a big deal. ABC and MNF are a big part of NFL history, and it's going to end with the Super Bowl (on ABC). You can't say you're not looking forward to it . (Quote by - John Madden)

If they can shut down ABC News and ABC network programming just because they don't agree on something, it makes you wonde (Quote by - Orrin Hatch)

The ABC is biting the bullet. We see this as a positive statement about where the ABC wants to go over the next few years. It's an opportunity to trade its way out of the doldrums . (Quote by - Geoff Brown)

This starting time change was made because of Indiana's shift to Daylight Savings Time, which also had an effect on scheduling with our television partners at ABC Sports. We think this change will have minimal impact on our fans. Sunset will occur one hour later this year due to the time change, which will give us just as much daylight as last year, when the starting time was noon. (Quote by - Joie Chitwood)

It seems almost inevitable that there is some fall off from broadcast to cable, but whether it's anything meaningful is a big question. Advertisers going into the season will probably estimate it pretty close to ABC's last year numbers. (Quote by - Jack Myers)

ABC had nothing to do with it. There was nothing that was heard in the stadium that required ABC to do anything . (Quote by - Mark Mandel)

He'd call you and say he had a problem with your script 45 minutes before you were going on the air. Part of it was to remind you who the alpha dog was, but he also saw it as a mentoring thing. If you're going to get your piece on ABC News, you had better know your story backward and forward. That's why he was famous for asking obscure questions. (Quote by - Jeff Greenfield)

I think advertisers were expecting the worst this year from ABC, [But] the advertisers walked away with the sense that they have potential . (Quote by - Jack Myers)

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