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A bargain is in its very essence a hostile transaction do not all men try to abate the price of all they buy? I contend that a bargain even between brethren is a declaration of war. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

Households have not meaningfully repaired their balance sheets since the onset of the last recession. Households are not 'better positioned' than they were earlier to boost outlays as their wariness about the economic environment abates. If anything, they are more poorly positioned to do so . (Quote by - Paul Kasriel)

Cochise County has never had a conversation with the ACC about abating taxes. And not once has Algonquin requested that the taxes be abated. Apparently, the only people who want to see the taxes reduced are some of the commissioners on the ACC. (Quote by - Pat Call)

It's like being cold in winter and you can't imagine that you'll ever be hot, or hot in summer, when you don't believe you'll ever be cold, Now I say, 'It's OK. You know this feeling.'. (Quote by - Frank Mullins)

The enterprise zone abatement was a big incentive in getting this plant financed. Now at the end of the day, if they don't get it, would they build it? Maybe. But I can guarantee you it will never become a 100-million gallon plant, but maybe a 50-million gallon plant. I can also guarantee you that this will be the only thing that will come to this neck of the woods. (Quote by - Walker Filbert)

Input price pressures are abating and this should reduce uncertainty and pressure on profit margins in coming months. (Quote by - David Hensley)

We were looking at ways to grow our business and one way was to sell off the units as high-end condos, with tax abatements. (Quote by - James Murray)

If the purpose of the coup was to end the Maoist insurgency, then it has been a failure. The insurgency shows no signs of abating, and the government's security forces seem as far from a military victory as ever. (Quote by - Brad Adams)

If it appears the transfer station accepted a quantity that is a risk to the public, our enforcement actions will be two-fold. We will ask them to correct the violation by abating the asbestos, which they may already be doing, and there will be a penalty. (Quote by - John Becker)

And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated. (Quote by - Bible)

The pilot channel is doing what was expected. It is abating dust and giving us an inkling of what the area will look like when it is restored . (Quote by - John Wallace)

Abate threw his best game all year. He did a super job keeping the other team off balance. (Quote by - John Cole)

These are tough and unusual times and I don't see the negative global economic situation abating anytime soon. (Quote by - James McNerney)

Human happiness has always its abatements; the brightest sunshine of success is not without a cloud. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

For every dollar abated, the tax is shifted to someone else. (Quote by - Ron Walker)

A lot of these trends are to be expected. This is the age when young people experiment with different lifestyles and behaviors, and when they move out of the house they have even more freedom to do that. We expect that when they settle into more permanent jobs and unions, these trends will abate. (Quote by - Dr. Kathleen Mullan Harris)

There's inflation activity in the system, there's cost and wage pressures in the system, and we need to see that abate before we're prepared to see interest rates come off. (Quote by - Alan Bollard)

Higher energy prices could sap some strength from real growth, but sentiment is likely to bounce once Katrina disruptions abate. (Quote by - Mike Englund)

We have contracted to abate the asbestos in the building. There are no definitive plans at this point. Any future use of the premises requires abatement. (Quote by - Fred Nation)

Generally, there are two types of abatements. (Quote by - Dennis Carson)

While the level of fighting may have abated temporarily, the capacity for its resumption is there,. (Quote by - Richard Holbrooke)

This legislation essentially eliminates the government's ability to invoke eminent domain for economic development purposes or to increase the tax base. The taking of public property to abate or eliminate a public nuisance, or slum or blight conditions, has been effectively banned. (Quote by - Allen Douglas)

It's very clear, under anyone's scenario, that it's a massive, extensive undertaking regardless of where you might ultimately draw the line as to when the nuisance is abated. (Quote by - Jack McConnell)

But the important thing about this party is to raise awareness of how many different solutions are out there to alleviate and abate this global climate change. (Quote by - Daryl Hannah)

This is likely to continue as demand for power grows mainly in the developing economies. But coal must remain competitively priced, especially as pollution abatement costs increase as carbon emission plans increase. (Quote by - Claude Mandil)

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