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We're very proud to be recognized as one of the San Francisco Bay Area's premier employers. We strive to attract and retain the area's top talent and be known as an employer of choice -- this is one of the primary reasons Abbott is such a terrific place to work. (Quote by - Ed Fiorentino)

The province commends the Lois Fish Palliative Society for creating a source of comprehensive information on palliative resources in B.C. By January 2006, we are hopeful this resource will link directly with B.C. NurseLine and further enhance the ability of the nurses to provide greater assistance to British Columbians with end-of-life care, service providers and organizations in their communities. (Quote by - George Abbott)

In 1979, the library collection was moved to the new North Campus, ... and the original building renamed Abbott Hall for Charles Abbott. Between 1983 and 1985, it underwent a $5.5 million renovation and enlargement, and today houses the university's Health Sciences Library. (Quote by - John Edens)

Intellectual property issues rarely derail a merger. If there was an issue, there would probably be an economic adjustment between Abbott and Boston Scientific. (Quote by - Randy Katz)

Abbott has purchased this land in anticipation of future growth and expansion. (Quote by - Dale Johnson)

Bradley Williams turned in his resignation. (Town Attorney) Mike Abbott is working on a contract with Sheriff Ronnie Oakes to get deputies to run patrols for us. (Quote by - John Brooks)

I'm not saying Abbott is going to buy them tomorrow, but I think it's the first friendly overture that could lead to a long relationship. (Quote by - Ryan Rauch)

In our view, Abbott is the clear winner in this deal. (Quote by - Larry Biegelsen)

I was very impressed with how everyone played and how seriously everybody took it, Everyone behaved the way they behaved when we used to make records back in the day. (Quote by - Moe Berg)

We continue to have a robust pipeline at Abbott. There are a number of exciting things coming up... (Quote by - Jennifer Smoter)

It gets so boring at home. After all, how many reruns of Abbott and Costello movies can a guy watch on television (Quote by - Bud Abbott)

They (residents) are optimistic the five of us (including Mayor Mark Abbott) will work together and do things for the whole city, not just special interests. It's a tremendous honor, it really is, to know how the people feel. (Quote by - Phyllis Grae)

Most people in cardiology would say that more is better. If Abbott does acquire the Guidant business, there's very little overlap. There's probably not a lot of restructuring to come. (Quote by - Bruce Cranna)

Abbott Labs absolutely are on the mend. You were able to buy 15 percent growth over the last five, 10 and 20 years at 13 or 14 times earnings, ... It's a great opportunity. Buy on this dip. We think a year from now the chart's going to be a mirror image on the up side. (Quote by - David Katz)

If any pilgrim monk come from distant parts, with wish as a guest to dwell in the monastery, and will be content with the customs which he finds in the place, and does not perchance by his lavishness disturb the monastery, but is simply content with what he finds, he shall be received for as long as he desires. If, indeed, he find fault with anything, or expose it, reasonably, and with the humility of charity, the Abbott shall discuss it prudently lest perchance God had sent him for this very thing. But, if he have been found gossipy and contumacious in the time of his sojourn as guest, not only ought he not be joined to the body of the monastery, but also, it shall be said to him, honestly, that he must depart. If he does not go, let two stout monks, in the name of God, explain the matter to him. (Quote by - Saint Benedic)

I am thinking of changing my name to Tony Abbott to improve my reputation. (Quote by - Andrew Fraser)

Underneath the covers I believe that Abbott wants to be a device player and for the first time they are making a real legitimate stand to become one. If Boston doesn't get Guidant, at this valuation, I think Abbott ultimately buys Boston. (Quote by - Ryan Rauch)

I don't think Boston Scientific could have gotten its offer to $80 a share without Abbott. I don't think they could be there at all without what has in effect become, 'The Bank of Abbott. (Quote by - Randy Katz)

Really, Abbott is bearing the brunt of this. (Quote by - Bruce Nudell)

The effects of this disaster are absolutely devastating. Abbott is answering the call to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (Quote by - Miles White)

We view this as a relatively uneventful quarter for Abbott. (Quote by - Glenn Reicin)

We are served by everything from corporate types from Abbott Labs through members of the military service from Great Lakes to school teachers, firemen and police from various municipalities. (Quote by - Brian Hoffman)

There are school budgets that are being voted down around New Jersey even though they're efficient budgets, they're good budgets, because people can't see straight regarding property taxes. It has become such a burden that the way education funding has played its way out in the state as a result of the various Abbott decisions that we've got a real crisis on our hands. (Quote by - Doug Forrester)

We're feeling great, facing a pitcher like Abbott. Having as many big hits as we did is great. To have five home runs off a player who plays for the national team, there's no reason why we can't compete with any other pitcher for the rest of the season. (Quote by - Stacey Stevens)

I think it was one of those moments where obviously the mouth came in before the brain was engaged, but it's not the Tony Abbott I know. (Quote by - Mr Howard)

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