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It was an illegal abduction of men in a noncombatant status. We insist they be treated humanely, and we hold Belgrade responsible for their safety. (Quote by - James Rubin)

We are still looking into the abduction angle. (Quote by - Lt. Michael Porath)

This was not an abduction [for ransom] or a military operation. They came across a Jew whose only fault was being a Jew. (Quote by - Gideon Ezra)

Gummi tarantulas and spiders are flying off the shelves, abduct your tastebuds. (Quote by - Chris Pratt)

If the North Korean side shows no sincerity in solving the nuclear weapon, abduction and missile issues, then the likelihood of normalization of diplomatic relations is very slim. (Quote by - Koichi Haraguchi)

Mrs. Burton, Kate's mother, has been active in the inter-faith movement in the UK and Europe for many years. The family's abduction and exposure to danger is absolutely unlawful, totally unjustified and counter-productive. (Quote by - Sir Iqbal Sacranie)

Even the most respectable woman has a complete set of clothes in her wardrobe ready for a possible abduction. (Quote by - Sacha Guitry)

People that have had genuine abduction experiences that I've met that seem very genuine to me, but they're just confused about why it happened. I've met a lot of people like which I regard as being very genuine... but there's a lot of crazy people out there. (Quote by - Dave Davies)

If an abduction is reported, it is dealt with in the same way as a kidnap. (Quote by - Mark Shields)

The abduction of a child is a tragedy. No one can fully understand or appreciate what a parent goes through at such a time, unless they have faced a similar tragedy. (Quote by - John Walsh)

We have gained a foothold where we can seriously pursue a resolution of the abduction issue. (Quote by - Akitaka Saiki)

One of the most ignored dimensions of the Iraqi insurgency are the Iraqis themselves who are regularly abducted, held for ransom and sometimes executed. (Quote by - Bruce Hoffman)

Substantial and credible information has now been published that the U.S. carried out abduction and extraordinary renditions, and enforced disappearances on European soil. (Quote by - Joanne Mariner)

Nothing presented to the grand jury established that Mr. Jackson had the intent to commit the elements of the alleged conspiracy's three target crimes of false imprisonment, child abduction and extortion. (Quote by - Robert Sanger)

Anytime a person is held against their will it would be considered abduction. You do not necessarily have to take someone out of their home and put them somewhere else. (Quote by - Kraig Troxell)

Next time we need to schedule this before the alien abduction, ... Parents should be out there cheering, 'Yeah, we're ready for school to start. (Quote by - Karen Harris)

Our hands were tied as of the moment we crossed into Pakistan. Our hands were untied during breaks. Once we told the armed men that we were Turkish, Muslim and Sunni, we received better treatment. The captors stressed that the final decision rested with their leader. They did not let us go at that moment. The captors got in touch with the Turkish Embassy in Tehran and informed us that they abducted us due to Iranian pressure put on Sunnis and the presence of some of their friends in prisons. Further, the captors said that their money and cars were taken away from them and their friends were subject to torture in Iran. (Quote by - Avni Ozan)

It is a moment of shame for South Korea that the Japanese government had to do what would have been our government's job: confirm the fate of one of our own who was abducted by North Korea. (Quote by - Chosun Ilbo)

It is important that things are being resolved step by step. I hope the abduction issue will continue to move forward. (Quote by - Sakie Yokota)

It keeps them from having the opportunity to groom that child. Most of the time they're not going to do an outright abduction from a park. (Quote by - Ernie Limon)

There's nothing to suggest any foul play in terms of his business dealings in connection with his abduction. (Quote by - Lt. Dennis Brugos)

AMBER Alerts are issued in the most serious child abduction cases in an effort to safely recover the child as quickly as possible. Through this initiative, we hope to see more eyes and ears than ever assist law enforcement in the search for abducted children across the country. (Quote by - Ernie Allen)

We would have preferred a smoother, more effective ability to access the information that Sprint possessed. Time is critical in an investigation where you've had an abduction of a child. (Quote by - Tom Freeman)

The abduction issue is of the biggest interest to Japan, and we strongly urge North Korea to seriously consider the issue and come up with sincere and concrete measures. (Quote by - Kunio Umeda)

This is the moment when the leadership of CPN must give clear and public instructions to its cadres to end all abductions of civilians, must release any other civilians still held after being abducted, and must ensure that those instructions are followed. (Quote by - Ian Martin)

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