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The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory. (Quote by - Jeff Cooper)

There was a feeling of too many uncivil acts on campus. This was to inform the floors and have the floors take a stance that this is not acceptable. (Quote by - Paul Goldblatt)

Not acting to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction is neither politically nor morally acceptable,(Quote by - Jose Maria Aznar)

To progress in life you must give up the things you do not like. Give up doing the things that you do not like to do. You must find the things that you do like. The things that are acceptable to your mind. (Quote by - Agnes Martin)

Lift up your heart to Him, sometimes even at your meals, and when you are in company; the least little remembrance will always be acceptable to Him. You need not cry very loud; he is nearer to us than we are aware of. (Quote by - Brother Lawrence)

In Europe, one kind of racism is acceptable. It is fashionable to take an anti-Muslim position. Our job as Muslims is to combat that. (Quote by - Mazen Mokhtar)

You know, you don`t have to look like everybody else to be acceptable and to feel acceptable. (Quote by - Fred Rogers)

Agriculture is best, enterprise is acceptable, but avoid being on a fixed wage. (Quote by - Indian Proverb)

Britain's illegal claim to sovereignty here is not acceptable to republicans, and what is now taking place with devolved government from Westminster is the parties involved administering British rule here. (Quote by - Francis Mackey)

Fame is no sanctuary from the passing of youth...suicide is much easier and more acceptable in Hollywood than growing old gracefully. (Quote by - Julie Burchill)

Politeness is the most acceptable hypocrisy(Quote by - Ambrose Bierce)

Nothing is so unbelievable that oratory cannot make it acceptable. (Quote by - Cicero)

It is frightening that one person through so-called freedom of speech can cause such damage that he nearly sets two worlds up against each other. There are limits for what expressions are acceptable, also in a democracy. This is a case for the police, it cannot be solved by the masses. (Quote by - Khalid Mohammad)

I find it unusual that it is more socially acceptable to complain about what you have than it is to ask for what you want. (Quote by - Phil Lout)

Being an indie queen, people think I have all these choices. (Quote by - Like I`ve just been sitting around waiting for the best indie film that I deem acceptable. There are a lot of independent films I`ve wanted to do that I haven`t been cast in. (Quote by - Parker Posey)

Bad games happen, but they're not acceptable. (Quote by - Kyra Kaylor)

The Supreme Court of the United States has held that a public body or a deliberative body who chooses to open its sessions with a religious invocation has a secular purpose for doing so -- to solemnize the event -- and that's perfectly acceptable. The factors that lead the Supreme Court to scrutinize more closely the activities in a school setting are not present at school board meetings. (Quote by - Kirk Gasperecz)

Conforming is only acceptable when you conform with a nonconformist. (Quote by - John A. Simone Jr.)

But a little milk, butter and cheese are acceptable because no harm is done in obtaining them. (Quote by - Sri Sathya Sai Baba)

I don't understand why that's acceptable. It will add up over time. (Quote by - Samantha Heller)

The only acceptable resolution in the case would be a complete dismissal. (Quote by - Mel Sachs)

Comedy is a socially acceptable form of hostility and aggression. That is what comics do, stand the world upside down. (Quote by - George Carlin)

Ego is a structure that is erected by a neurotic individual who is a member of a neurotic culture against the facts of the matter. And culture, which we put on like an overcoat, is the collectivized consensus about what sort of neurotic behaviors are acceptable. (Quote by - Terence McKenna)

I don't know what to make exactly of that one case. I'm not willing to find the risk acceptable without additional data. (Quote by - Wayne Goodman)

I echo that. I believe we will end hunger in America, when we say to ourselves 'this is no longer acceptable.' The numbers and resources are on our side to do it. (Quote by - Robert Bush)

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