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The plan focuses on creating a connected Michigan, where access to government services is just a click away. The plan includes targets and metrics for accountability and will serve as the guiding force for the future of government technology in Michigan. (Quote by - Teri Takai)

As broadband options like AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet have become more readily accessible and affordable, many Americans have come to prefer filing taxes online to filing a paper return -- so much so that they can't imagine ever having to switch back. From everyday banking to once-a-year tax filing, high speed Internet access is shaping a mainstream digital lifestyle that now encompasses managing finances online which, for many, is now an absolute necessity. (Quote by - Kieran Nolan)

Think Concession, yo ll have Recession and think Recession yo ll have Depression. We need to think Accession to have Commission and think Commission to gain Succession ... if you do t bother Just DO T THINK. (Quote by - Mina Tadros)

Will every governmental agency have access? We feel creating a national ID system opens the door to government surveillance of your activities. The database may also be fraught with errors. (Quote by - Brandon Hensler)

I don't think there's any reason on Earth why people should have access to automatic and semiautomatic weapons unless they're in the military or in the police. (Quote by - John Howard)

It is unacceptable that the [access] key should be controlled by a monopoly. France is against monopolies. The consumer must be able to listen to the music they have bought on no matter what platform. (Quote by - Martin Rogard)

What better way to buy access to a lawmaker than to hire the lawmaker's son, daughter or spouse as their lobbyist on a lucrative retainer?(Quote by - Craig Holman)

You have about 25 to 30 million corporate remote access users in the world. At the rate the remote access market is growing, you'll easily have 100 million by 2002. If they were all VPN remote access users, and you collected $10 a year from each of them for maintenance, that's $1 billion. If they spend $100 to equip themselves initially, that's $10 billion. And that's just remote access for corporate users. (Quote by - Per Suneby)

Not only do the companies avoid costly legal fees going forward, but each gains access to new technologies that provide financial benefits. (Quote by - Frank Mitsch)

Identity management started in the enterprise because that's where the complexity was. Companies with thousands of employees running hundreds of applications found that their systems integrators were having their days consumed dealing with access management, so the technology started with the desire to make the process of accessing their applications easier. (Quote by - Somesh Singh)

It is only when the whole heart is gripped with the passion of prayer that the life-giving fire descends, for none but the earnest man gets access to the ear of God. (Quote by - E. M. Bounds)

Down deep we really know our worth, but we don't have easy access to that knowledge. We need to hear praise coming from outside ourselves or we won't remember that we deserve it. (Quote by - Barbara Sher)

The number one issue for startups used to be access to capital. No more. Now it's recruiting. (Quote by - Eric Becker)

Typically, you've got millions of small farmers who don't have access to the marketplace. (Quote by - Susie Spindler)

The CORI report was only meant for the eyes of law enforcement, now over 10,000 organizations have access to CORI. (Quote by - Brandyn Keating)

This garden will be accessible to everyone, of all ages. Folks who don't have access to gardening now, will have access. (Quote by - John Murphy)

People are going to be using a tool that is as common as typing in a question in a search engine. This will establish more people in getting access to business intelligence. (Quote by - Don Campbell)

You can always trust information given you by people who are crazy; they have an access to truth not available through regular channels. (Quote by - Sheila Ballantyne)

Retail investors can currently gain access to products with hedge-fund investment characteristics through a variety of means, including listed funds of hedge funds. (Quote by - Clive Briault)

It is public land and we will do our best to provide recreational activities. We are looking at initially allowing kayak access, wade fishing, bicycle access and walking access on some of the interior roads. (Quote by - John Wallace)

They should have access [to detainees]. Maybe not complete access, but they should have access. (Quote by - Jack Reed)

If we take the electricity sector and telecommunications as guides, privatization has meant higher rates, lower quality, less access, and less sovereign control over our public services. CAFTA multiplies those effects, since it brings in the international heavy hitters and the rules they play by. (Quote by - Alejandra Castillo)

Because every punter has to register full identity details to open an account with exchanges, and sign a declaration allowing the authorities access to that account, it is more likely that we are today seeing the results of this extra source of intelligence. (Quote by - J A McGrath)

All Americans should have access to quality, affordable health care. (Quote by - Christopher Dodd)

If it's a situation in which the public is being given access, you can't discriminate against the media and say, as a general matter, that the media don't have access, because their access rights, of course, correspond with those of the public. (Quote by - John Roberts)

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