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You never know till you try to reach them how accessible men are; but you must approach each man by the right door. (Quote by - Henry Ward Beecher)

I think people think I'm accessible. I'm never treated as a star, either by fans or other actors, and I like it like that. I don't get the star treatment. I think that means I'm a good actor. They acknowledge me as a human being, and to me, that's invalua. (Quote by - Kate Mulgrew)

This is a chance for full participation for everyone, with and without disabilities, ... We're accessible physically, but not as accessible in attitudes as we should be. (Quote by - Kim Wilson)

We're only able to look at getting food to the accessible pockets. (Quote by - Jerry Bailey)

Accessible design is good design. (Quote by - Steve Ballmer)

Why do I need final cut? Final cut is for artistes quote unquote--directors whose movies don't make a lot of money. Maybe Scorsese should have final cut because a guy like Harvey Weinstein or a studio might change it to make it a little more accessible or. (Quote by - Brett Ratner)

Most scientists are without exception adorably quirky, and one of the ways of making it more accessible was to try to get readers interested in the person. (Quote by - Bill Bryson)

Access Growth gives companies access to success by bringing together industry-proven experience, critical know-how, and extensive global business networks to transform today's start ups into tomorrow's market leaders. Having been in the trenches, we understand the need for proven and accessible professional services that not only get the job done, but also understand your business, target markets, and most importantly, cash flow. (Quote by - Mark Godwin)

We have the greatest hospitals, doctors, and medical technology in the world - we need to make them accessible to every American. (Quote by - Barbara Boxer)

Whether you are completely remodeling your home or using some of the readily available low-cost adaptive products, creating a safe, comfortable and accessible environment is not planning for disability - it's planning for continued independence. (Quote by - Bob Vila)

The more the fruits of knowledge become accessible to men, the more widespread is the decline of religious belief. (Quote by - Sigmund Freud)

The number and size of hydrocarbon discoveries continued to decline during 2004-2005 and many areas of the world became less accessible due to political constraints. Oil and gas companies are increasingly seeking access to larger oil reserves in Africa to meet growing global demand. Africa's major oil and gas producing provinces will likely continue to attract huge exploration investments and yield larger-than-average discoveries. Exploration will expand from these successful plays into adjacent countries and provinces, especially on the Atlantic continental margin, where access to export markets is key. (Quote by - Ron Mobed)

While providing ADA access is not required from a legal standpoint, as alternative access would be provided by a longer sidewalk route, staff didn't want to recommend construction of a major infrastructure element that was not accessible to our entire community. (Quote by - Richard Baier)

If you give the audience what they expect, they'll be bored. There are no rules: You do what you want while respecting the boundaries. You don't poke people in the eye; you do things they haven't seen before and make it accessible, funny and clever. (Quote by - Matthew Vaughn)

We always wanted more than one level. We never want to be obtuse or put things in code. We've always wanted to communicate and be accessible. (Quote by - Tina Weymouth)

Our feeling is that we don't want to go ram ourselves down people's throats but we also want to be able to make ourselves really accessible. I mean, that's our whole thing with the low pricing. It's just about making it accessible to people who are curious without necessarily spoon feeding everyone, you know?. (Quote by - Guy Picciotto)

Robot will make the exciting world of robotics more accessible than ever to established robot hobbyists, entry-level enthusiasts and mainstream consumers who are curious about the latest developments on the new frontiers in robotics. Not only is the current explosion of accessible robotic technology ramping up the fun factor for dyed-in-the-wool hobbyists, these new technologies are enhancing all of our lives in unforeseen and exciting ways. (Quote by - Tom Atwood)

They say their goal is to make the entire world's information universally accessible. It's easy to theorize about how they're going to make people around the world universally accessible, too. (Quote by - David Edwards)

Media mystifications should not obfuscate a simple, perceivable fact; Black teenage girls do not create poverty by having babies. Quite the contrary, they have babies at such a young age precisely because they are poor -- because they do not have the opportunity to acquire an education, because meaningful, well-paying jobs and creative forms of recreation are not accessible to them... Because safe, effective forms of contraception are not available to them. (Quote by - Angela Y. Davis)

She indulged in melancholy - that cheapest and most accessible of luxuries. (Quote by - Charles Dickens)

Accessible to the infection of our own opinions. Hospitable to persuasion, dissuasion and evasion. (Quote by - Ambrose Bierce)

If what is seen and experienced is portrayed in the language of logic, then it is science. If it is communicated through forms whose connections are not accessible to the conscious mind but are recognized intuitively, then it is art. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

This is what Blizzard always does. They have an innate genius at taking these genres that are considered hard-core geek property and repolishing them so they are accessible to the mainstream. To do that without losing their geek cred is an incredible achi. (Quote by - Jeff Green)

It has also contained come of the very best, most accessible writing for children, by writers who seldom get the acknowledgement they deserve. (Quote by - Terry Pratchett)

But your mind is warped by an innate principle of general integrity, and therefore not accessible to the cool reasonings of family partiality, or a desire of revenge. (Quote by - Jane Austen)

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