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Accommodated; that is, when a man is, as they say, accommodated; or when a man is, being, whereby a' may be thought to be accommodated which is an excellent thing. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

Stanford asked us if we could move our game so they could move their series, and we accommodated them. (Quote by - Gary Powers)

The matter was brought to our notice by the match referee who requested that an exception be made and the Indians' request be accommodated. (Quote by - Agha Zahid)

If it's right and true, it's listened to and accommodated. (Quote by - David Ogden Stiers)

Any man will usually get from other men just what he is expecting of them. If he is looking for friendship he will likely receive it. If his attitude is that of indifference, it will beget indifference. And if a man is looking for a fight, he will in all likelihood be accommodated in that. (Quote by - John Richelsen)

Reason will by degrees submit to absurdity, as the eye is in time accommodated to darkness. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

If airlines feel like they are not going to be able to be accommodated, then they'll start looking at other airports. (Quote by - Allan McArtor)

What, other than injustice, could be the reason that the displaced citizens of New Orleans cannot be accommodated by the richest nation in the world. (Quote by - Wynton Marsalis)

The question is going to come down to if it's reasonable accommodation or not. We can not comment on a potential case but in general people should be accommodated to enjoy a facility to the same extent as any non-disabled person. I am providing (Mr. Paulsen) what is considered very reasonable accommodations. Just get me a slip and we will (issue a card) and it's done. (Quote by - Larry Bush)

History supplies little beyond a list of those who have accommodated themselves with the property of others. (Quote by - Voltaire)

Atheists in our midst are proof that all consciences can be accommodated here, even those that have no ground for holding that conscience is sacred, inalienable, and prior to civil society. (Quote by - Michael Novak)

I accommodated practically all of the liberation movements, including those of Latin America. (Quote by - Ahmed Ben Bella)

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