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When there is good news, and it is news , we do report it, but usually news is a record of human failure. Those wanting to celebrate human accomplishment are, as someone said, advised to go to the sports section. (Quote by - Linda Ellerbee)

We`re very proud of this accomplishment, especially considering that the winning work spans so many different categories of products and services, ... However, I think it`s important to note that we approach all work with one goal in mind to significa. (Quote by - Azar Nafisi)

We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals. (Quote by - Stephen Covey)

Feast of Willibrord of York, Archbishop of Utrecht, Apostle of Frisia, 739 Other sins find their vent in the accomplishment of evil deeds, whereas pride lies in wait for good deeds, to destroy them. (Quote by - Saint Augustine of Hippo)

I first felt successful when I was 13 and in a show called Seesaw. I came offstage and heard the applause of the theater audience and felt a sense of accomplishment. Around that time my role model for success was Burt Lancaster. He was one of the first ac. (Quote by - Giancarlo Esposito)

Vinnie wrestled hard, and he had not practiced all week because (of illness) but wrestled well enough to qualify. Christian wrestled really well. He`s a first-year wrestler and started out as our (junior varsity) heavyweight, so it`s a huge accomplishment. (Quote by - Scott Shaw)

My mother taught me very early to believe I could achieve any accomplishment I wanted to. The first was to walk without braces. (Quote by - Wilma Rudolph)

Men love to trust God (as they profess) for what they have in their hands, in possession, or what lies in an easy view; place their desires afar off, carry their accomplishment behind the clouds out of their sight, interpose difficulties and perplexities -- their hearts are instantly sick. They cannot wait for God; they do not trust Him, nor ever did. Would you have the presence of God with you? Learn to wait quietly for the salvation you expect from Him. (Quote by - Owen, John)

The humorous man recognizes that absolute purity, absolute justice, absolute logic and perfection are beyond human achievement and that men have been able to live happily for thousands of years in a state of genial frailty. (Quote by - Brooks Atkinson)

To follow without halt, one aim; there is the secret of success. And success? What is it? I do not find it in the applause of the theatre. It lies rather in the satisfaction of accomplishment. (Quote by - Anna Pavlova)

There`s a strange sense of accomplishment in making an independent film. Everything`s against you; there`s no time, and even less money- you bring a bottle of glue, chip in twenty bucks, and hope you all make it through the day. If you manage to finish it. (Quote by - Eric Stoltz)

Every time we got something into the camera it was as if we were saying to the million ghosts -- with a wry smile on our faces, and a sense of accomplishment -- "That's for you". (Quote by - Ben Kingsley)

There is no such thing as can't, only won't. If you're qualified, all it takes is a burning desire to accomplish, to make a change. Go forward, go backward. Whatever it takes! But you can't blame other people or society in general. It all comes from your mind. When we do the impossible we realize we are special people. (Quote by - Jan Ashford)

The man who gives up accomplishes nothing and is only a hindrance. The man who does not give up can move mountains. (Quote by - Ernest)

Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake. (Quote by - Victor Hugo)

What is my proudest accomplishment? I went through some pretty difficult times, and I kept my sanity. (Quote by - Jacqueline Onassis)

It's an honor you know to be able to accomplish something like that knowing what he meant to this franchise and to the league. It's a great accomplishment, but without my guys, there's no way to get that accomplished. (Quote by - Allen Iverson)

Lasting accomplishment... Is still achieved through a long, slow climb and self discipline. (Quote by - Helen Hayes)

There is joy in work. There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something. (Quote by - Henry Ford)

There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment (Quote by - Norman Vincent Peale)

Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is . (Quote by - Anne Frank)

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play. (Quote by - Arnold Toynbee)

I really don`t look at my life as being an accomplishment. I`m just very thankful for what I`ve been given. (Quote by - Tiffani Thiessen)

Success has always been easy to measure. It is the distance between one's origins and one's final achievement . (Quote by - Michael Korda)

Great things are accomplished by talented people who believe they will accomplish them. (Quote by - Warren G. Bennis)

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