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Over the long haul of life on this planet, it is the ecologists, and not the bookkeepers of business, who are the ultimate accountants. (Quote by - Stewart L. Udall)

Even eminent chartered accountants are known, in their capacity as fishermen, blissfully to ignore differences between seven and ten inches, half a pound and two pounds, three fish and a dozen fish. (Quote by - William Sherwood Fox, Silken Lines and Silver Hooks)

A bachelor or masters degree in accounting may not be what the employers in those sectors are looking for. They are looking for chartered accountants, certified accountants and cost and management accountants. (Quote by - Peter Olsen)

It is not the job of mathematicians... to do correct arithmetical operations. It is the job of bank accountants. (Quote by - Samuil Shchatunovski)

All the Congress, all the accountants and tax lawyers, all the judges, and a convention of wizards all cannot tell for sure what the income tax law says. (Quote by - Walter B. Wriston)

Accountants are dynamic, interesting, highly intelligent, hard-working individuals. (Quote by - Alexa Loo)

A lot of labels are hiring a lot more accountants than people that know music. (Quote by - Taylor Hanson)

I'm strongly for a patient Bill of Rights. Decisions ought to be made by doctors, not accountants. (Quote by - Charles Schumer)

Our new city administrator has been great, because I had no experience as a finance director. I am an accounting person, which is a bean counter and finance is a little different than being an accountant. Accountants are more exact and finance people have more vision. He's got the vision. He's been a good compliment to me and has helped me a lot and I really appreciate that. He's a little more involved... For the most part everybody has been great and I have enjoyed every minute of it. (Quote by - Shirley Norton)

The fact that people still know us is, in my opinion, a result of our music and of the big money that runs the music industry today. The people who control the industry are accountants who recycle everything in new, nostalgic packages, and everything else, to make more money. (Quote by - Rick Wright)

I never get the accountants in before I start up a business. It's done on gut feeling, especially if I can see that they are taking the mickey out of the consumer. (Quote by - Richard Branson)

The studios have been taken over by marketing people and accountants. (Quote by - Joe Eszterhas)

But we didn't have the financial structure, like the right attorneys, the right managers, the right accountants, and we were going against the grain of what black entertainers is supposed to do. (Quote by - Solomon Burke)

There are four things that hold back human progress. Ignorance, stupidity, committees and accountants. (Quote by - Charles J. C. Lyall)

All the flower children were as alike as a congress of accountants and about as interesting. (Quote by - John Mortimer)

My greatest reward is knowing for certain, as I do with many other acts and artistes, that without Jonathan King being alive and involved, Genesis would not exist, and the guys would have had careers as intended - as accountants and lawyers. (Quote by - Jonathan King)

Britain needs a simpler tax system which is simple to understand, where there are no loop-holes, where the very rich do not avoid tax by employing expensive accountants (Quote by - George Osborne)

Not being born to parents who were accountants was probably my biggest mistake. (Quote by - Chris Eubank)

I have no use for bodyguards, but I have a very special use for two highly trained certified public accountants. (Quote by - Elvis Presley)

There aren't more lady songwriters for the same reason that there aren't more lady doctors or lady accountants or lady lawyers; not enough women have the time for careers. (Quote by - Dorothy Fields)

I'll never be that trusting again, believing accountants and lawyers have my best interests at heart. (Quote by - Irene Cara)

Americans like to make money: Canadians like to audit it. I know no country where accountants have a higher social and moral status. (Quote by - Northrop Frye)

Now record companies are run by lawyers and accountants. The shift from the one to the other was definitely related to when the takes started to get big. (Quote by - David Crosby)

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