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Microsoft, by some accounts, the second most capitalized company on the planet, is the only corporate colossus in history whose entire product line could be eliminated with a giant magnet. David Shenk(Quote by - David Shenk)

In economic panics throughout history, the wiping out of the savings accounts of lower earners and the middle class has often led to social revolution, sometimes violent upheavals. (Quote by - Nick Clooney)

Corporate America is bracing for tougher times and one of the most strategic operation safeguards is the effective management of corporate travel, which accounts for the third largest controllable expense within any corporation,. (Quote by - A. Johnson)

I have never seen it, but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific. Michael Caine(Quote by - Michael Caine)

He who accounts all things easy will have many difficulties. (Quote by - Lao Tzu)

I`ve never had a single close intimate girlfriend in all my life. I never had a chum to whom I could confide my secrets. I suppose that accounts for the fact that now it is so painfully difficult for me to open my heart and conf... Jean Arthur(Quote by - Jean Arthur)

At Regions, we believe it is important for kids to learn the basics of money management at an early age. That's why we support this program. We also offer Junior Savings accounts to get kids started on the right path. (Quote by - Jimmy Brown)

Contrary to popular accounts, very few scientists in the world - possibly none - have a sufficiently thorough, "big picture" understanding of the climate system to be relied upon for a prediction of the magnitude of global warming. To the public, we all might seem like experts, but the vast majority of us work on only a small portion of the problem. (Quote by - Roy Spencer)

The taste of people with large bank accounts tends not to be on the cutting edge. (Quote by - Paul Goldberger)

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