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You have to do what others won't. To achieve what others don't. (Quote by - Unknown)

Not in achievement, but in endurance, of the human soul, does it show its divine grandeur and its alliance with the infinite. (Quote by - Edwin Hubbel Chapin )

I don't know what makes someone hip. The goal is artist achievement and the best work we can do with no limitation. (Quote by - Rick Rubin)

My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me. (Quote by - Winston Churchill)

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Our achievements speak for themselves. What we have to keep track of are our failures, discouragements and doubts. We tend to forget the past difficulties, the many false starts, and the painful groping. (Quote by - Ethel Barrymore)

The only achievement I am really proud of is the friends I have made in this community. (Quote by - Gary Cooper )

The future is not a gift -- it is an achievement. (Quote by - Harry Lauder)

I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them. (Quote by - Pablo Picasso)

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities. (Quote by - James Allen)

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement. (Quote by - Golda Meir)

Someone has defined genius as intensity of purpose: the ability to do, the patience to wait. . . . Put these together and you have genius, and you have achievement. (Quote by - Leo J. Muir )

Yale is a crucible in American life for the accommodation of intellectual achievement, of wisdom, of refinement, with the democratic ideals of openness, of social justice and of equal opportunity. (Quote by - Benno C. Schmidt, Jr.)

For unflagging interest and enjoyment, a household of children, if things go reasonably well, certainly all other forms of success and achievement lose their importance by comparison. (Quote by - Theodore Roosevelt)

A handful of pine-seed will cover mountains with the green majesty of forest. I too will set my face to the wind and throw my handful of seed on high. (Quote by - William Sharp)

Alec Issigonis (we refuse to use the plutocratic terms 'sir' or 'doctor') said a camel is a horse designed by committee. If it was God's committee for an animal adapted to communities without water.. it was a divine consensus. (Quote by - O Anna Niemus)

Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one's levels of aspiration... and expectation. (Quote by - Jack Nicklaus)

I do think we know that a teacher who knows what he or she is doing, knows their subject matter, and knows how to impart knowledge to kids is a critical piece of closing the achievement gap. (Quote by - Margaret Spellings)

A successful individual typically sets his next goal somewhat but not too much above his last achievement. In this way he steadily raises his level of aspiration. (Quote by - Kurt Lewin)

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. (Quote by - Helen Keller)

A young person, to achieve, must first get out of his mind any notion either of the ease or rapidity of success. Nothing ever just happens in this world. (Quote by - Edward William Bok)

Every teacher has to learn the lession. (Quote by - Jaymie Meyer)

If life were measured by accomplishments, most of us would die in infancy. (Quote by - A. P. Gouthey)

The best job goes to the person who can get it done without passing the buck or coming back with excuses. (Quote by - Napolean Hill)

Being solitary is being alone well: being alone luxuriously immersed in doings of your own choice, aware of the fullness of your won presence rather than of the absence of others. Because solitude is an achievement. (Quote by - Alice Koller)

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