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I tried to be aggressive because last game I threw away the ball like 100 times. This time I knew I had to get it done and everybody stepped up, especially Jack and Drew Harris. (Quote by - Chris Dyer)

If we don't make a dent in the aggressive panhandling, it's all for nothing. We think we have crafted an ordinance that is balanced in its approach and is constitutional. People in the community are just tired of panhandlers. (Quote by - AJ Robinson)

The will to survive is not as important as the will to prevail... the answer to criminal aggression is retaliation. (Quote by - Jeff Cooper)

I think the team has gotten tougher and become more proficient in moves and more aggressive in trying things on the mat. The next [few] weeks will be a test to see where [the team] stands in the district. (Quote by - Casey Grubbs)

These bombings are used by the Israeli government as an excuse to continue its aggression and collective punishment against the Palestinian people. (Quote by - Ahmed Qorei)

I think it reflects an aggressive positioning of the major national builders to capture market share. What they are doing is throwing a lot of product out in the market and hoping that the sales will match the starts. (Quote by - Charles Heimsath)

It was a well-officiated game. That's just an alarming stat and really shows our lack of aggressiveness. We just weren't taking the ball to the basket. (Quote by - Chris Guess)

Any story or macroeconomic factor that could damage those aggressive revenue forecasts is going to have an out-sized impact. (Quote by - Charlie Crane)

The one thing he's developed is on the inside part of the plate. He's gotten more aggressive with it. The old saying is what, he's [6-foot-4, 6-foot-5], and you don't want to let him get extension. If he gets extension and the ball's tailing in, he'll hit it. (Quote by - Billy Williams)

For whatever reason, our guys kind of lost their aggressiveness at the plate. That's something that we're starting to get back in certain hitters. We don't have everybody there yet but we've got more than what we had a week ago. (Quote by - Darin Loe)

In the tropics the white feels weakened, or downright weak, whence comes the heightened tendency to outbursts of aggression. People who are polite, modest or even humble in Europe fall easily into a rage here, get into fights, destroy other people. . . (Quote by - Ryszard Kapuscinski)

I just think he's been more aggressive. He's knowing when to score, he's mixing up his shot with drives and getting to foul line. The main thing is, he's not just relying on his jump shot, he's getting to the basket. (Quote by - Andre Miller)

It is imperative to take the initiative, to build firewalls around Alberta, to limit the extent to which an aggressive and hostile federal government can encroach upon legitimate provincial jurisdiction. (Quote by - Stephen Harper)

My aggression out there is my weapon. I think it's more letting them know that I'm not going to let them get away with something, and I'm not just going to kind of poke it back and be content to stay in rallies. (Quote by - Andy Roddick)

I came in the game with the mindset of being more aggressive. I was joking around with one of the managers and saying I felt like was gonna have a career high [in points]. (Quote by - Cedric McGowan)

I'm trying to take a little bit more of a aggressive approach at the plate. I think before I was too passive. On the one hand, you want to let the ball get deep. You want to be relaxed. But at the same time, you can't take a passive approach at the plate. You want to be aggressive. You want to attack the baseball. (Quote by - Chris Lewis)

We have filed a suit alleging RICO and other claims, and we intend to litigate it aggressively. At this time, we have no other comments. (Quote by - Charles Baker)

We're going to keep playing aggressive ball. I'd actually like to see them get more aggressive if it's possible. (Quote by - Carrie Myers)

With Matt out, I knew I had to get more aggressive on the offense end and create. (Quote by - Chris Hernandez)

I need to be aggressive, to let it go. (Quote by - Ben Johnson)

Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. (Quote by - Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Aggression is simply another name for government. (Quote by - Benjamin Tucker)

Time and again we see leaders and members of religions incite aggression, fanaticism, hate, and xenophobia - even inspire and legitimate violent and bloody conflicts. (Quote by - Hans Kung)

I think the defense had a great outing today. We played fast with aggression and a lot of rhythm. We played real hard. Nobody was slacking; everyone hustled to the ball. I think we are starting to come together as a unit. (Quote by - Christopher Wooten)

We continue to experience a steep growth curve and positive response from customers that are aggressively transitioning their procurement processes to leverage our technologies' benefits. (Quote by - Charles Jackson)

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