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I've had lengthy discussions with European farm leaders. It is clear they have an agricultural strategy to support their producers and gain dominance in world agricultural trade. They're gaining markets the old-fashioned way - they're buying them. (Quote by - Kent Conrad)

I have always said there is only one thing that can bring our nation down - our dependence on foreign countries for food and energy. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. (Quote by - John Salazar)

The E.U. imports more agricultural goods from developing countries around the world than does the U.S., Canada and Japan, combined. (Quote by - John Bruton)

African agriculture depends on labor. You can't produce crops if there is nobody to work on the farms. (Quote by - Annmarie Kormawa)

Although the polyester industry and U.S. agriculture markets remain weak, most of our other businesses began to see some volume improvement. (Quote by - Charles Holliday)

Opening agriculture is definitely a big barrier, but opening (South Korean) services will also be important. (Quote by - Daniella Markheim)

It is our understanding that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has allowed Ho Chi Minh City to retain its ban on poultry farming until February 2007 to ensure there is no recurrence of bird flu due to the lack of safety measures currently undertaken by the poultry industry in this region. We believe our system can be used as part of their safety measures and provide the ministry with enough information and assurances that once the ban is lifted, the possible infiltration of the deadly bird flu in poultry flocks can be detected and dealt with swiftly to avoid any further devastation. (Quote by - Perry Law)

We recognized Florida ranchlands contained some of the best environmental lands in the state. It's better to have agriculture than a mall or housing. (Quote by - Eric Draper)

Here Ceres' gifts in waving prospect stand, And nodding tempt the joyful reaper's hand. (Quote by - Alexander Pope)

As one of the nation's top agricultural states, Nebraska has a great opportunity to provide input that will help shape the 2007 Farm Bill, .. This legislation will help determine commodity price supports, priorities with regard to conservation programs, as well as rural development, renewable energy and beginning farmer initiatives for several years to come. (Quote by - Dave Heineman)

The impact of climate change on agriculture could result in problems with food security and may threaten livelihood activities upon which much of the population depends. (Quote by - Ian Pearson)

Some sectors will become critical, like agriculture, energy and water We need different rules for these sectors. (Quote by - Thierry Breton)

The correlation between poverty and obesity can be traced to agricultural policies and subsidies. (Quote by - Michael Pollan)

The government does not take the agriculture crisis seriously. (Quote by - Steve Webster)

Tremendous pressure was applied on both the Agriculture Department and the USDA to go to a Plan B. (Quote by - Doug Lockwood)

Why in almost all societies have married women specialized in bearing and rearing children and in certain agricultural activities, whereas married men have done most of the fighting and market work?(Quote by - Gary Becker)

He was able to translate to the county commissioners and legislators how important agriculture is to this county. He had a great influence on the commissioners and other powers. (Quote by - Wayne Carland)

Most agree, whatever their party political position, that the West can and should open its agricultural markets more fully to the products of the poorer countries of the globe. They are agricultural societies that need our markets more than our charity. (Quote by - John Redwood)

College football is a sport that bears the same relation to education that bullfighting does to agriculture. (Quote by - Elbert Hubbard)

Several things outside of agriculture will affect the outlook. Interest rates, fuel and fertilizer costs, and other expenses will continue to rise. (Quote by - Scott Brown)

In December 2003, after pulling their heads out of the sand, the Department of Agriculture closed the barn door after the mad cow had already escaped, .. This bill will ensure that the door is never opened again to abusing sick animals, jeopardizing the public health, threatening the American consumer's confidence in the safety of our meat and potentially undermining a valuable sector of our economy. (Quote by - Gary Ackerman)

If it's good enough for McDonald's, it should be good enough for the Department of Agriculture. (Quote by - David Kessler)

As the first Member of Congress from western Washington to serve on the House Agriculture Committee in over 50 years, I am proud to represent the needs of our agriculture community. (Quote by - Rick Larsen)

There are no miracles in agricultural production. (Quote by - Norman Borlaug)

Most the people that I know in the agriculture community don't believe these people should automatically be given citizenship. They need to earn it like everyone else does. (Quote by - Sid Freeman)

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