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People are alarmed; we're alarmed. (Quote by - Bruce Weber)

There are more things to alarm us than to harm us, and we suffer more often in apprehension than reality. (Quote by - Alton Greene)

I have a hard time waking up. No alarm clock works! It sounds childish, but I seriously have my manager, my mom or a buddy of mine wake me up if I have to be somewhere. It`s a serious issue! I`ve been very late for some serious gigs because of it! (Quote by - Jesse McCartney)

We covered about 300 homes today. And visited them and checked on whether they had smoke alarms. And roughly one-third of them didn't have working smoke alarms in their homes. (Quote by - Bruce Garner)

The tocsin you hear today is not an alarm but an alert: it sounds the charge against our enemies. (Quote by - Alex Parsons)

We had not seen any natives for many days, but a few passed the camp on the opposite side of the river on the evening of the 25th. They would not, however, come to us; but fled into the interior in great apparent alarm. (Quote by - Alan Grieve)

If it happens again, ... the alarm will go off and I can get back there and take care of it. (Quote by - Atle Skaardal)

A little alarm now and then keeps life from stagnation. (Quote by - Fanny Burney)

I hate waking up every morning to my alarm. I always bang my head on the steering wheel. (Quote by - Scott Wood)

Smoke alarms have been around a long enough time that most people know to evacuate immediately when they hear one. Unfortunately, people are prone to forget that the batteries in smoke alarms need changing at least once a year and the smoke alarm itself should be replaced every 10 years. (Quote by - John Drengenberg)

Tivoli was a good fit because it's already monitoring and managing our internal environment, ... We know that if we get alarms that someone is trying to hack into our environment, we already have the [Tivoli Enterprise] infrastructure in place that does centralized alarming, alerting escalation, and paging. (Quote by - Jim Haney)

I heard a loud sound. I sensed it might be a line because I knew the line was there. My television turned on, turned blue, and my alarm went off. So I was really busy answering the alarm so they wouldn't call the police. But when I came out here, I could see the wire was down. (Quote by - Bill Smith)

Believe in God but do not forget to install the alarm in your home. (Quote by - Pio Dalcin)

Bankruptcy stared me in the face, but one thought kept me calm; soon I'd be too poor to need an anti-theft alarm. (Quote by - Gina Rothfels)

All children alarm their parents, if only because you are forever expecting to encounter yourself. (Quote by - Gore Vidal)

The ball-room is one way and a very broad way, too, to ruin. May God help every lover of the race to sound a note of alarm both to those already astray and to those who thus far have not set foot in the slippery path. (Quote by - George F. Hall)

Whom does undeserved honour please, and undeserved blame alarm, but the base and the liar? (Quote by - Horace)

Only towards the end of this process are any of the chapters in fully readable condition, a state of affairs that used to alarm my wife. But Joan's got used to it. (Quote by - Fred Saberhagen)

Courtship consists in a number of quiet attentions, not so pointed as to alarm, nor so vague as not to be understood. (Quote by - Allison Hanna)

We have security alarms; it's like trying to rob a bank, we know when someone tries to get in here. You'd have to be pretty naive to think a place like this didn't have alarms. (Quote by - Paul White)

The alarm system immediately goes to the police station. The chief has instructed police that if they get an alarm here, they're to come here first. If I set the alarm off, they'd be here in 30 seconds. (Quote by - Dave Zagorac)

A blind bloke walks into a shop with a guide dog. He picks the Dog up and starts swinging it around his head. Alarmed, a shop assistant calls out: 'Can I help, sir?' 'No thanks,' says the blind bloke. 'Just looking.' (Quote by - Tommy Cooper)

Despite the drop in house fire deaths, there has been no improvement in getting homeowners to maintain working smoke alarms. We know that smoke alarms save lives, but there has been a very lax attitude about maintaining them. (Quote by - Gary Mitchell)

Work is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock. (Quote by - Pablo Picasso)

With a chemical alarm, you're going to build one that is oversensitive because you would rather the alarm go off and give you a false alarm than to err on the other side, (Quote by - Norman Schwarzkopf)

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