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The pressure is hardly off. It's just as much pressure as it has been, it's just without the albatross of bankruptcy hanging over it. (Quote by - Robert Mann)

My decision is under extreme duress. The court, I feel, is placing an albatross around my neck. (Quote by - Ronald Reed)

East Germany has been an albatross. (Quote by - Jeremy Leaman)

The special election may be an albatross today, but it won't necessarily be one in 2006. If even one of his initiatives passes in November, the governor could declare victory. (Quote by - Tim Hodson)

And a good south wind sprung up behind, The Albatross did follow, And every day, for food or play, Came to the mariner's hollo! "God save thee, ancient Mariner! From the fiends that plague thus thee!-- Why look'st thou so?"--"With my cross-bow I shot the Albatross. (Quote by - Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

She competes well, never gives anything away and plays an offensive style. She has improved her serve and is always attacking, ... shouldn't be an albatross because she knows what she can do and what she can't do. (Quote by - Nick Bollettieri quotes)

It's in the interests of all countries and peoples, but most especially it's in the interests of the North Koreans themselves that the DPRK shed the albatross of its nuclear program and join the international community. (Quote by - Alexander Vershbow)

The consumer long-distance sector is viewed as an albatross for all of the long distance carriers these days. AT&T is not the only one considering such an action. (Quote by - David Burks)

This program will be an albatross around the necks of Republicans in 2006. (Quote by - Luis Miranda)

This project is in a downward spiral, even members of the nuclear industry are looking for other ways to store the waste,and throwing more money at this problem-ridden albatross will not fill gaps in the science because the science is not there. (Quote by - Shelley Berkley)

Before the election, some German magazines depicted Germany as an eagle ready to soar. I fear we've created an albatross. (Quote by - Thomas Mayer)

Clearly we are disappointed by these results. The battery business remains an albatross around the company's neck and it will take a least a quarter before these issues are cleared up. (Quote by - Bill Chappell)

I'm not saying he's going to get a pass. If the state economy is in the hole his entire term, that's going to be an albatross. Any kind of honeymoon he had is gone. It's the same old typical politician, I think, that's how a lot of that anger is going to be seen. (Quote by - Del Ali quotes)

To the extent that someone is there to keep dredging it up, it's going to be an albatross around her neck forever. Blagojevich is going to drag this out again. That's the real test. This is just a preview. (Quote by - Chris Mooney)

Unless Sean is at ease with that course of action, it's quite an albatross for upwards of two decades. (Quote by - Greg Zandlo)

Great albatross!--the meanest birds Spring up and flit away, While thou must toil to gain a flight, And spread those pinions grey; But when they once are fairly poised, Far o'er each chirping thing Thou sailest wide to other lands, E'en sleeping on the wing. (Quote by - Charles Godfrey Leland)

That's something that's going to be an albatross for us throughout the remainder of the year. What do you do? How do you fix it? It's going to be an issue but we've got to get better in other areas so it's not the issue that's going to cost us games. (Quote by - Andy Kennedy)

It is a beautiful area for albatross, on a protected ridge overlooking the ocean with trade winds needed for their first flight in a few months. (Quote by - Brenda Zaun)

The trend in Virginia has merit. It says more if Kilgore wins because it means Bush wasn't the albatross everyone predicted. (Quote by - Jennifer Duffy)

It's common for fissures to occur, in the last days of any administration. Many leaders no longer feel beholden to the governor. They're also concerned about their next election -- and carrying the albatross of the previous administration. (Quote by - David Adler)

They thought they were putting an albatross around my neck. Little did they know they were building me a life raft. (Quote by - Ken Blackwell)

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