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The alliance with air Berlin is attractive for me. I can use the whole sales network of the air Berlin and 24 percent of my own airline at air Berlin sold. (Quote by - Niki Lauda)

We continue to discuss the advantages of the alliance with other carriers where we have what we call 'white spots', or parts of the globe where there are opportunities to improve service, such as China, India and Russia. (Quote by - Jaan Albrecht)

The only event that consumers can count on to guarantee compatibility is W-Fi Alliance certification. (Quote by - Greg Raleigh)

We've got thousands of brands out there, .. Alliance is a vibrant word. (Quote by - Phil Wilson)

I don't believe an Alliance government should sponsor legislation on abortion or a referendum on abortion. (Quote by - Stephen Harper)

The US and Japan want more participants in their alliance to increase influence in the Asia-Pacific region, which reflects a Cold-War mentality. (Quote by - Wang Yusheng)

The crucial point is always the own cost structure. Therefore I created a Low Cost alliance with air Berlin. (Quote by - Niki Lauda)

We made clear that given the election result the Christian Democratic alliance (CDU/CSU) is responsible for setting up the government. (Quote by - Angela Merkel)

We are definitely excited about taking our alliance with Lincoln to the next level. What we've designed this year is a program that fully engages our fans, yet stays true to what both the New Edition and Lincoln brands represent -- style, class and sophistication. (Quote by - Michael Bivins)

If the union between England and America is a powerful factor in the cause of peace, a new Triple Alliance between the Teutonic race and the two branches of the Anglo-Saxon race will be a still more potent influence in the future of the world. (Quote by - Edward Grey)

With my ministry of light, part of what I do is work on the California Alliance For Arts Education. (Quote by - Sally Kirkland)

We have to stress our conservative credentials and emphasize that we are the natural, national alternative to the Liberals. Clearly the Alliance has shown it can't break out of its Western box. The Alliance is at single-digit support in three quarters of the country. (Quote by - Peter MacKay)

Art and Religion are, then, two roads by which men escape from circumstance to ecstasy. Between aesthetic and religious rapture there is a family alliance. Art and Religion are means to similar states of mind. (Quote by - Clive Bell)

The research capabilities through this alliance will be unparalleled in our industry. The world agriculture market is changing at a terrific pace. (Quote by - Charles Johnson)

The carrier also plans to join an international aviation alliance which will help improve service levels and give it more recognition around the world. (Quote by - Wang Wanlong)

This is the beginning of a significant era for the military transformation of the Japan-US alliance. I can understand the concerns and opposition among local residents, but it is necessary to maintain Japan's national security under the alliance. (Quote by - Yoshinori Ono)

Those who are critical of Alliance are the same people who have done nothing for 30 years. (Quote by - Eliot Spitzer)

A three-way alliance means the FDP would have to broadly reinvent itself. Opposition continues to be an option for us. (Quote by - Claudia Roth)

The difference between the Ethernet Alliance and other industry alliances is that many of them come up with specifications and product certification. We are just about education and serving as a resource about Ethernet technologies. (Quote by - Blaine Kohl)

The first and most important is to emphasize the enduring nature of the alliance relationship particularly with Europe which does share our values and interests even if it disagrees with us on specific policies. (Quote by - Zbigniew Brzezinski)

Excluded from all fellowship at meals, excluded from all sacrifices, excluded from instruction and from matrimonial alliances, abject and excluded from all religious duties, let them wander over ,this earth. (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

The synergy GM gets from Isuzu is the biggest among its alliances in Japan because it's buying 200 billion yen of diesel engines every year from Isuzu. (Quote by - Koji Endo)

It's a strategic relationship. I haven't talked with Max yet, but it's a useful alliance that we still want to do. (Quote by - William Cox)

United Launch Alliance is going through all the appropriate FTC assessments with regard to anti-trust issues and we are confident that at the end of that process it will be approved. (Quote by - Dan Beck)

I've likened it to another major corporate announcement for Alliance. Not only does Prudential bring capital into the Alliance program, but through the relationship we will be able to build with them. We may have some opportunities to do some future development with them in an extension of this partnership. (Quote by - Mike Berry)

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