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Johnny's a flamboyant guy because he makes different analogies. There's certain analogies that could be more appropriate than others. At the right moment, we'll certainly address that. (Quote by - David Raith)

Beanie and Cecil was the first cartoon I remember watching and I think there are analogies. (Quote by - Joel Hodgson)

Long-term forecasts are based on analogies of similar weather conditions recorded in the past. But we have not seen anything like this before. (Quote by - Dmitry Kiktyov)

One can imagine that the ultimate mathematician is one who can see analogies between analogies. (Quote by - Stefan Banach)

In early times every sort of advantage tends to become a military advantage; such is the best way, then, to keep it alive. But the Jewish advantage never did so; beginning in religion, contrary to a thousand analogies, it remained religious. (Quote by - Walter Bagehot)

What we're trying to do is immerse them in investigation very much like the lander is going to do. There's a lot of good analogies in what is happening in the frost tunnel and what we expect on Mars. (Quote by - Doug Lombardi)

At this level, you certainly want to encourage any enthusiasm. It's not worth it being too judgmental. You try to make analogies between whatever career choice they come up with, and what skills you can learn in school that will help them with that desired profession. (Quote by - Mariellen Kerr)

If one looks at the different problems of the integral calculus which arise naturally when one wishes to go deep into the different parts of physics, it is impossible not to be struck by the analogies existing. (Quote by - Henri Poincare)

The world is full of hopeful analogies and handsome, dubious eggs, called possibilities. (Quote by - George Eliot)

Instead of antonyms and analogies, which depend on vocabulary, we want to measure the ability to understand reading passages, so we would ask students to indicate the sentence in a passage where the author presents an argument contrary to his thesis, or find the two sentences that are equivalent. (Quote by - David Payne)

The songs are really personal. They're really honest, even if they're sometimes unpleasant. The lyrics evoke so many emotions. Our analogies are visual and the metaphors are direct. Corin and Carrie are singing about things they care about. I feel it. (Quote by - Janet Weiss)

There are feminist analogies in the material. They find their power with and in each other. (Quote by - Will Scheffer)

I used some analogies and probably didn't hit the mark on my message. But I never intended to offend anyone. (Quote by - Ray Nagin)

I think what he is trying to do is to send a message to us here that he sees the challenges we are dealing with, I suspect in the future that he will choose his analogies a little more carefully. (Quote by - Dennis Mullen)

Analogies, it is true, decide nothing, but they can make one feel more at home. (Quote by - Sigmund Freud)

We have talked to Johnny in the past. Johnny is a flamboyant guy, and he makes different analogies. There are certain analogies that are better than others. At the right moment, we will certainly address that with him. (Quote by - David Raith)

The solution of the difficulty is that the two mental pictures which experiment lead us to form - the one of the particles, the other of the waves - are both incomplete and have only the validity of analogies which are accurate only in limiting cases. (Quote by - Werner Heisenberg)

It may be said, almost without qualification, that the wisdom consists in the ready and accurate perception of analogies. Without the former quality, knowledge of the past is uninstructive; without the latter it is deceptive. (Quote by - Archbishop Richard Whately)

A mathematician is a person who can find analogies between theorems; a better mathematician is one who can see analogies between proofs and the best mathematician can notice analogies between theories. (Quote by - Stefan Banach)

The mind of a human being is formed only of comparisons made in order to examine analogies, and therefore cannot precede the existence of memory. (Quote by - Giacomo Casanova)

What ETS is hoping to do is test vocabulary in a different way under the umbrella of 'testing critical thinking' without the use of antonyms and analogies. (Quote by - Matt Fidler)

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