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Anticipation Quotes
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We must somehow get comfortable with the reality of periodic failure. ... Like a trip to the dentist, the thought of occasional reverses may not make us tingle with joyful anticipation, but then again, it's not the end of the world. (Quote by - Sam Collins)

The present time is seldom able to fill desire or imagination with immediate enjoyment, and we are forced to supply its deficiencies by recollection or anticipation. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

Many live in dread of what is coming. Why should we? The unknown puts adventure into life. ... The unexpected around the corner gives a sense of anticipation and surprise. Thank God for the unknown future. (Quote by - E. Stanley Jones)

What we anticipate seldom occurs, what we least expected generally happens. (Quote by - Benjamin Disraeli)

The wise man avoids evil by anticipating it. (Quote by - Publilius Syrus)

Our desires always disappoint us; for though we meet with something that gives us satisfaction, yet it never thoroughly answers our expectation. (Quote by - Francois De La Rochefoucauld)

An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing. (Quote by - Samuel Smiles)

Such is the state of life, that none are happy but by the anticipation of change: the change itself is nothing; when we have made it, the next wish is to change again. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it. (Quote by - Alfred Hitchcock)

If I know your sect, I anticipate your argument (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Men spend their lives in anticipation, in determining to be vastly happy at some period when they have time. But the present time has one advantage over every other-it is our own.... We may lay in a stock of pleasures, as we would lay in a stock of wine; but if we defer the tasting of them too long, we shall find that both are soured by age. (Quote by - Charles Caleb Colton)

One of the key qualities that you need to be a great hockey player is fantastic anticipation and feel for the game - if you know where the puck is going before it is hit, that is half the battle. (Quote by - Wayne Gretzky)

Expecting is the greatest impediment to living. In anticipation of tomorrow, it loses today. (Quote by - Seneca)

Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences. (Quote by - Norman Cousins)

We... anticipate what's to come, then ignore what's actually here. (Quote by - Stephan Rechtschaffen)

Travel is ninety per cent anticipation and ten per cent recollection. (Quote by - Edward Streeter)

Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Ultimately, my hope is to amaze myself. The anticipation of discovering new possibilities becomes my greatest joy. (Quote by - Jerry Uelsmann)

No mind is much employed upon the present: recollection and anticipation fill up almost all our moments (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

We can but ill endure, among so many sad realities; to rob anticipation of its pleasant visions (Quote by - Henry Giles)

Our thinking and our behaviour are always in anticipation of a response. It is therefore fear-based. (Quote by - Deepak Chopra)

When things mean a very great deal to you, exciting anticipation just isn't safe. (Quote by - Dodie Smith)

Our worst misfortunes never happen, and most miseries lie in anticipation. (Quote by - Honore de Balzac)

None are happy but by the anticipation of change. The change itself is nothing; when we have made it, the next wish is to change again. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

I live in the present. I only remember the past, and anticipate the future. (Quote by - Henry David Thoreau)

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