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A very beautiful woman hardly ever leaves a clear-cut impression of features and shape in the memory: usually there remains only an aura of living colour. (Quote by - William Bolitho)

You have to defeat a great players aura more than his game. (Quote by - Pat Riley)

Words were never invented to fully explain the peaceful aura that surrounds us when we are in communion with minds of the same thoughts. (Quote by - Eddie Myers)

What young fighter doesn't want to be the next Roberto Duran? That's the kind of aura he has. (Quote by - Hank Kaplan)

What I do is create an aura of mystery. (Quote by - George Noory)

We have heard nothing but outrage and hurt from law enforcement. It's an aura of disbelief that this could actually happen. (Quote by - Mark Donahue)

We expected them to make some runs in this game. It had all the aura of a championship fight tonight. But we still have another game to go. (Quote by - Kermit Carolina)

We're having a lot of fun with the whole aura of the '40s. (Quote by - Ronnie Lindeman)

Vicente was the sort of comic book hero, the guy who was going to bring down the regime. There was a certain mythical aura. (Quote by - Arturo Sarukhan)

This ceremony and the intellectual aura associated with the Nobel Prizes have grown from the wisdom of a practical chemist who wrote a remarkable will. (Quote by - Stanford Moore)

They still walk with that same swagger and there's still that same aura about them. (Quote by - Michael Culver)

They miss the aura of him. He is a protector for the other guys in the team. I think they are missing this, it is a big part. You always miss players (like that) when they leave. You cannot count how much they miss this personality in the team. (Quote by - Emmanuel Petit)

They look excited that they are where they are. I think they're looking forward to the challenge and they know they have a challenge. I think they're looking forward to bringing back the old aura of what it was like to be a Cincinnati Red. (Quote by - Tom Browning)

They've got so many good players, they're all so talented and they put out so many guys into the NFL that they kind of have that aura about them. (Quote by - David Thomas)

The whole aura of tonight was very odd, the bench and players didn't seem excited whether we were up down or tied. It's a mental thing. They need to learn how to win again and that's the bottom line. (Quote by - Karen Weitz)

There was just a much different aura in the locker room before tonight's game. With so many seniors on this team, I just knew someone was going to step up. (Quote by - Rocky Peterson)

There is an aura of tension and discomfort about him, as though he would rather be listening more specifically, overhearing than talking. He is a chain-smoking, stern, imposing, complicated kind of guy. (Quote by - Washington Post)

There's a whole coolness aura around [The Matrix]. People are really dying to see it. (Quote by - Daniel Davis)

There's a negative aura that surrounds BlackBerries. They've been known to be sort of troublesome for some people. (Quote by - Spencer Taylor)

The media network has its idols, but its principal idol is its own style which generates an aura of winning and leaves the rest in darkness. It recognizes neither pity nor pitilessness. (Quote by - John Berger)

The history of jazz for the last 45 years has come through the Monterey Jazz Festival stages. I think there's developed a legacy and an aura around the festival. (Quote by - Tim Jackson)

The big thing about Boston is there are qualifying times before being accepted. That gives it an elite aspect. There is the tradition and if you're involved in any sports activity that gives it a special aura. It's not the biggest or the fastest, it just has that aura about it. You want to run a good race and do right by the event and yourself. (Quote by - Mike Renouf)

The aura of the theocratic death penalty for adultery still clings to America, even outside New England, and multiple divorce, which looks to the European like serial polygamy, is the moral solution to the problem of the itch. (Quote by - Anthony Burgess)

The aura given out by a person or object is as much a part of them as their flesh. (Quote by - Lucian Freud)

That left shoulder really has an aura of its own; it holds everything together. (Quote by - Naveen Patnaik)

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