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They don't bother too much with the balance and things on blues records. (Quote by - Maurice Gibb)

Man always travels along precipices. His truest obligation is to keep his balance. (Quote by - Pope John Paul II)

American presence is, you know, the major cause of balance of power and the stability in this region. (Quote by - Kim Dae Jung)

There's always more demands than there's time to meet them, so it's constantly a matter of trying to balance them. (Quote by - Marc Andreessen)

Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them. (Quote by - Thomas Kinkade)

If this phrase of the "balance of power" is to be always an argument for war, the pretext for war will never be wanting, and peace can never be secure. (Quote by - John Bright)

An excellent man, like precious metal, is in every way invariable; A villain, like the beams of a balance, is always varying, upwards and downwards. (Quote by - John Locke)

The question is not really about a shift to the economic cone where officers are writing about the balance of payments and the need for economic stabilization. (Quote by - Lawrence Eagleburger)

Beauty is only skin deep. I think what's really important is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit. (Quote by - Jennifer Lopez)

There are men who can write poetry, and there are men who can read balance sheets. The men who can read balance sheets cannot write. (Quote by - Henry R. Luce)

I've watched those shows my whole life - being on one is like a dream. It's hard to balance that dream with the fact that this is the Edie I've known my whole life. (Quote by - Edie Falco)

I think at some stage, I would love to have another child. I would love to settle into a relationship that was really important to me. I actually am not good at the balance at that. (Quote by - Nicole Kidman)

Perfect harmony of body and mind are my key to personal balance and happiness. (Quote by - Gabriela Sabatini)

Democracy is not an easy form of government, because it is never final; it is a living, changing organism, with a continuous shifting and adjusting of balance between individual freedom and general order. (Quote by - Ilka Chase)

I try to keep a balance. I actually believe that children want normal parents, they don't want celebrities or important parents or anything different from all the other parents. (Quote by - Linda Hamilton)

One newspaper a day ought to be enough for anyone who still prefers to retain a little mental balance. (Quote by - Clifton Fadiman)

How seldom we weigh our neighbor in the same balance with ourselves. (Quote by - Thomas Kempis)

Balance is so important in our lives. In our busy world, we can give ourselves balance between thinking and feeling. (Quote by - Yakov Smirnoff)

We should restore a proper balance in environmental regulation and energy production that is based on common sense, not political agendas. (Quote by - Mac Thornberry)

We literally had all 10 teams alive for a playoff position in the final week of the season. That outstanding balance and those close races created a major surge in attendance in the last month of the season. (Quote by - Lamar Hunt)

Faith gives you an inner strength and a sense of balance and perspective in life. (Quote by - Gregory Peck)

A novel is balanced between a few true impressions and a multitude of false ones that make up most of what we call life. (Quote by - Saul Bellow)

You can't have too much of everything, you must have a balance, that's very important. (Quote by - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi)

Quite frankly, I don't think time is the problem. The real problem is the number of activities or tasks that we take on. A sign of our time is that we forget how to say no, and take on far too many things. (Quote by - Catherine Pulsifer)

I think it will help people have a better work-life balance, that's really important - that's the centre ground for me, it's the issues people care about in their lives. (Quote by - David Cameron)

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