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This was a little more than I bargained for. (Quote by - Julie Martin)

They speak English, they drive a hard bargain, they know what they're doing. So anyone who thinks this is going to be a dumping ground for our products is mistaken. The learning curve can be pretty substantial. (Quote by - Bill Schroeder)

Good bargains are pick-pockets. (Quote by - Thomas Fuller)

I don't think I got a bargain. I think it is a bargain to have saved it. If it was gone, you wouldn't have anything. (Quote by - John Noel)

The new collective bargaining agreement is part of it, that it took the talent around the league and spread it out. (Quote by - Darcy Regier)

A man of faith does not bargain or stipulate with God. (Quote by - Gandhi)

If you had actually invited SEIU back to the bargaining table, you would have a written document, ... Do not come in here and play games with the Board of Supervisors. (Quote by - Chris Daly)

Individuals who think you can get a real steal or great bargain on a hybrid [are kidding themselves]. That won't happen for a while. (Quote by - Mike Chung)

We're very, very motivated to make sure we continue to bargain in the best way that we can and to make sure the operations continue. (Quote by - Lois Bollenback)

There was no bargain. As you can see the charges are all there. (Quote by - Jacques Dagenais)

The President's proposal should be viewed as an initial bargaining position. (Quote by - Tobias Levkovich)

This is the same commission we've been bargaining with since April 2005. Why are they going to jump up and agree with us now? . (Quote by - Pat Hanrahan)

We needed to get the fee in line with the costs. At $215, it's still a bargain. (Quote by - Tim Slone)

The big shopping days are shifting later and later in the purchase cycle. Consumers are waiting for the bargain, waiting for the big discounts to come out. Retailers have pretty well taught them to wait by offering the deals later. (Quote by - Edward Fox)

You will find the poet who wrings the heart of the world, or the foremost captain of his time, driving a bargain or paring a potato, just as you would do. (Quote by - Rebecca H. Davis)

Don't bargain for fish which are still in the water. (Quote by - Indian Proverb)

I will make a bargain with the Republicans. If they will stop telling lies about Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them. (Quote by - Adlai Ewing Stevenson)

That legal expertise and our collective bargaining experience sets us apart from anything else. (Quote by - Corey Caldwell)

For the victims, and for all the ones that are burnt and scarred and everything else, they deserve much more than this - not a plea bargain. This is absolutely wrong. (Quote by - Diane Mattera)

We want to get to the bargaining table and get it done. Is it idealistic to think that's possible? Maybe, given the history. But we're still committed to getting it done in negotiations. (Quote by - Greg Bouris)

It's all about bargaining behind closed doors. (Quote by - Joanna Nathan)

The governmen s continuing refusal to negotiate is proof that these illegal regulations were designed to eliminate collective bargaining. (Quote by - Colleen Kelley)

The message is that he has no respect for the people he is bargaining with... He should bargain in good faith and defend that contract to the public. (Quote by - Colin Butler)

The person who does not ask will never get a bargain. (Quote by - French Proverb)

I also believe our country made a promise to veterans and their families. Veterans have kept their end of the bargain, and now, the VA is looking to pull out the rug. (Quote by - Ellen Tauscher)

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