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We are pleased Eastern Airways has recognized our capabilities and the expertise of our office in Belgium. The airline industry has been the backbone of our business and with the addition of Eastern Airways, we represent 30 airlines using our services throughout our global network. They continue to contribute to our success as an international representation company. (Quote by - Jenny Adams)

The funny thing about it, you can go anywhere in the world, from Belgium to Birmingham, and everyone knows and respects him. I've worked with other tour managers who are fun to hang out with, but who don't get the job done. With Gus, the band comes first. (Quote by - Nick Flynn)

We had a remarkable result, seventh last year in Belgium. (Quote by - Stephen Russell)

We have our favorite haunts. We travel through most of Europe, Belgium, Spain, Holland, France and Italy. (Quote by - Todd Zillweger)

The authorities are afraid that tightening up the industry will drive it out of Belgium to Israel, Lebanon or somewhere else. (Quote by - Ian Smillie)

Lots of people are moving to this band which stretches from the tip of Cornwall and comes through Belgium, covering a good part of Belgium and France, then going to Germany and then it will go through Austria and Hungary. (Quote by - Franco Bonacina)

Colonialism is an idea born in the West that drives Western countries - like France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain - to occupy countries outside of Europe. (Qutoe by - Ahmed Ben Bella)

I've got a talent to act. No matter what any newspapers say about me I'm one of the most sensitive human beings on earth. (Qutoe by - Jean Claude Van Damme)

In Belgium - just 100 miles away - they barely collect the body. (Quote by - Jeroen Ranzijn)

This legislation is not related to the current case of contamination in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. (Quote by - Philip Tod)

If we win the two remaining games against Belgium and San Marino then we will finish first. I think that sincerely. (Quote by - Luis Aragones)

What really helps a guy to become an action hero today is the directing of the movie. All those fast cuts. (Qutoe by - Jean Claude Van Damme)

Colonialism is an idea born in the West that drives Western countries - like France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain - to occupy countries outside of Europe. (Qutoe by - Ahmed Ben Bella)

Instead of having daily trains going through the Channel Tunnel from (England) and into France and Belgium and Germany, it's maybe only 40 percent going through. (Quote by - Tony Davis)

I'm just really looking forward to going home to celebrate with my friends and family in Belgium. (Quote by - Kim Clijsters)

We expect a tough match in Belgium on clay. Andy has been the stalwart of the team and the Bryans have been clutch in doubles for us lately. James and Robby have stepped up this summer and are playing exceptional tennis. (Quote by - Patrick McEnroe)

We just left Belgium and I nearly froze to death. It was pretty hot out there but you get used to it. I'll take that over the 0-degree Celsius weather any day. (Quote by - Peter Mazur)

On the last lap it was very important that several members of the Belgium team were always up at the front. (Quote by - Tom Boonen)

We will implement all the suggestions made by Belgium and Europe in this regard and .. make every effort possible to thwart any terrorist operation in our area. (Quote by - Yasser Arafat)

And it is practically the same in the case of the four or five million poor peasants in France, and also for Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, and two of the Scandinavian countries. Everywhere small and medium sized industry prevails. (Qutoe by - Herman Gorter)

Belgium's Jacques Rogge, a leading candidate to win the IOC presidency on Monday, also felt that the committee was more comfortable with taking a gamble on China now. Think of 1993 [the year of the vote for the 2000 Games], .. It was after the Berlin Wall fell. In Europe the Soviet Union had just disappeared. There was an economic crisis. I think there was a question about whether those events in the world would somehow contaminate China. Instead we went to Australia for safety. It was an excellent decision. This time there is not the fear over those changes. (Quote by - Jacques Rogge)

My lungs are still burning. Yesterday, I was scratching my eyes all day. I've had allergies in Belgium but not this bad. (Quote by - Peter Mazur)

This is a very exciting group with every result important. Everybody is relying on other results. But we must still do our job and win against Belgium and San Marino. (Quote by - Luis Aragones)

Before Vatican II, in theology, as in other areas, the discipline was fixed. After the council there has been a revolution - a chaotic revolution - with free discussion on everything. There is now no common theology or philosophy as there was before. (Qutoe by - Godfried Daneels)

Germany expected that at the most a day or so would see Belgian resistance broken and the dash on Paris begun. It was not safe to start such a forward rush with Belgium unconquered. (Qutoe by - Kelly Miller)

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