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This is a full-size store with all the bells and whistles. In fact, it's our most popular prototype. (Quote by - Don Harrison)

Don't junk up your offer with a lot of bells and whistles that might turn the sellers off - especially if you love the house and don't want to risk losing out. (Quote by - Art Godi)

Our long-range goal, once we get high-school students off the yellow buses, is to start looking at adjusting the bell time of elementary schools. Then we can reduce the number of buses, and then we will see the savings. (Quote by - Dave Anderson)

IBM has set benchmark after benchmark, and Sun has had trouble keeping up. They needed to find a way to keep their existing customers. The way to do that is either increase your bells and whistles or cut costs. Sun opted to add the bells and whistles. (Quote by - Charles King)

People who live in glass houses have to answer the bell. (Quote by - Bruce Patterson)

The day's blow rang out, metallic -- or it was I, a bell awakened, and what I heard was my whole self saying and singing what it knew: I can. (Quote by - Denise Levertov)

Kyle Bell is a stud, Luke Roberts is a stud and everybody already knows what a great player Anderson is. And Justin made some big-time throws. (Quote by - Dan Hammerschmidt)

You want to do better than that. You want to answer the bell. We did have a strong game against New Jersey. But so what? That one's over. (Quote by - Tom Renney)

There will be those that will claim this merger brings us closer to a re-emergence of Ma Bell; however, my support is predicated on the applicants' enforceable commitments to open its traditional local markets to competitors, invest in new markets, and accelerate deployment of broadband technologies. The end result should produce more competition, not less. (Quote by - William Kennard)

Qwest is definitely the orphan Bell. I really don't see Qwest as an attractive acquisition target for several years. (Quote by - Donna Jaegers)

You have to be flexible and try to provide full service to stay ahead of the up-and-coming changes in the printing industry. This new six-color press boasts all the 'bells and whistles' and necessary tools to print more efficiently and productively. (Quote by - Wayne Collins)

Everybody is missing their families, their kids. They want to get back to normal life ? Taco Bell and speaking English. (Quote by - Brian Kroon)

They may have had a little jitters when we got off to start. After about the first six minutes they really answered and really stepped up to bell. (Quote by - Craig Walker)

It doesn't set off any alarm bells. As is typical with T. Rowe, no transition comes about abruptly; they tend to be planned pretty well. (Quote by - Christopher Davis)

For the first year, we just wanted to put on a really smooth race. We concentrated on the course and the support on the course. There will be a lot more bells and whistles in 2006. (Quote by - Barry Siff)

Seize the loud, vociferous fells, and Clashing, clanging to the pavement Hurl them from their windy tower! (Quote by - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

When we bumped into Belle, the story is very romantic. She was very involved in society. Belle the name was right. It was just one of those lightning bolt deals. (Quote by - Glenn Rummler)

You can't. You just can't. Things change when the season starts. That's why it's the real season. When the bell rings, things are a lot different. (Quote by - Terry Francona)

We're breaking huge monopolies. It just can't happen overnight. The time is takes is dependent on how long it takes to get rules on the books and whether or not the (Baby Bells) take the rules to court which is their right. Without question, consumers are going to get the competition Congress and the president promised,. (Quote by - Edward Markey)

It's a shame that the Run for the Roses has been degraded into a run for junk food. Next year, will the thoroughbreds run at Taco Bell Downs?. (Quote by - Gary Ruskin)

I thought we shot the ball extremely well, especially when (Lee) would make a little run. I was real proud of the way the kids answered the bell. When you shoot the ball as well as we did, you're going to be tough to beat. (Quote by - Danny Wrenn)

Closing Bell is unlike any play I've written. (Quote by - Arthur Laurents)

This is an opportunity to live and breath poker for two months. This promotion is available to every single River Belle player. I wish everyone the best of luck as always, but in this case luck will only get your foot in the door. The rest is up to your skill and passion for poker. (Quote by - Tim Johnson)

There is no sound so sweet as the peal of church bells rolling across the fairway on a Sunday morning. (Quote by - Jack W Anderson)

Hear the mellow wedding bells, Golden bells! What a world of happiness their harmony foretells Through the balmy air of night How they ring out their delight! From the molten golden notes, And all in tune What a liquid ditty floats To the turtle-dove that listens while she gloats On the moon! (Quote by - Edgar Allan Poe)

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